Kahuku Food Truck Market
Address : 56-505 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, Oahu, HI
Phone : (000) 000 0000

ABOUT Kahuku Food Truck Market

The Kahuku Food Truck Market is a collective of Kahuku Oahu food trucks. Hours of Operation vary between trucks.

YAH Says...

Kahuku Food Trucks

Headlined by world famous Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, the Kahuku Food Truck Market of Oahu is a gathering place for locals and tourists alike in search of good food at a good price. In many opinions the Oahu food truck scene is one of the best around and Kahuku should be considered to be a contender for the best static square footage of the mobile island cuisine scene, except for when the Eat the Street events are on. It isn't hip or on the foodie fringe like the collectives found at the San Francisco Food Truck Pod or in the Portland Oregon Food Trucks scene but the thatched roofs, dirt driveways, wild running chickens, and wind tilted palm trees bookending the Kahuku Food Truck Market make it all that more endearing. It's all about location. If you find yourself on this neck of Kamehameha Highway the chances are that you and your party either need to fuel up for a long day of play on the North Shore or you are returning from a long day of play - in desperate need of re-fueling. For the well traveled and hungry, the Kahuku Food Trucks appear as if a mirage. Thankfully they are not. Here are a few highlights:

Giovannis Shrimp Truck

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck - the star of the show at Kahuku

Giovannis Shrimp Truck

Yoons Korean BBQ Truck Kahuku

Yoons Korean BBQ Truck Kahuku

If seafood isn't your thing then Yoon's Korean BBQ is the way to go - Kalbi Beef & BBQ Chicken

Happy Burger in Kahuku Food Truck Market

For traditional American fast food hit up the Happy Burger Bus

Hawaiian Island Extreme Smoothies Kahuku

There's nothing more refreshing than returning from the North Shore to a HIX Smoothie 

Aunty's Lil' Green Hut Kahuku

For the sweet tooth and caffeine fix - Aunty's Lil' Green Hut

Lanis Yummy Yum Funnel Cake

Yummy Yum - an apt description for certain

Ono Yo Frozen Yogurt in Kahuku

Ono mean delicious in Hawaiian - this frozen yogurt is indeed

Note: We'd be doing you an injustice if we suggested dining in Kahuku Oahu without also mentioning next door brick & mortar neighbor to the Kahuku food truck collective - Titas Grill - one of the best shrimp plates on the island.

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