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Crankworx 2013

If you’ve been to Whistler in the summer before, or know someone who has, then you might have an idea of what sorts of things go on there. There’s some mountain biking, a few parties, a bit of live music, lots of sun, the odd bear, and of course the beautiful mountains, lakes and people.


Crankworx Whistler 2012

If any of these things interest you then Whistler might be worth a look sometime this summer. However, if you want one delicious concoction of everything that makes Whistler so exciting, stunning, awe-inspiring and unbelievably fun, then there is only one time to visit. During August’s legendary Kokanee Crankworx.

Crankworx is an epic freeride mountain bike festival that takes place every year in both Les 2 Alps, France and of course Whistler, BC. For the largest and final part of the festival’s tour Whistler welcomes the sport’s best riders and tens of thousands of fans to watch them race, flip, fly, and fall during all sorts of original and innovative competitions.

Crankworx is a unique and exciting take on mountain bike culture and the festival includes every style of event from downhill and road racing to trick-offs and slopestyle. And it isn’t just the biking that has made Crankworx arguably the biggest annual event in the resort. The fest is not only a celebration of mountain biking but also of everything that makes Whistler so unique with amazing parties, free live concerts, a buzzing village centre and a great festival atmosphere from morning till, well, the next morning.

The highlight of the 10 - day event has to be the Red Bull Joyride, which attracts thousands of spectators to the base of Whistler Mountain on the final Saturday of the festival. The event sees riders compete on an awesome slopestyle course that gets bigger and more creative each and every year with tricks on show that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

If the mountain biking gets a bit much there’s more than enough to keep you entertained with endless après and nightlife hosted all over town. The biggest party of the festival is the Official Crankworx Closing Party. The only way to get in (unless you know the right people) is to win tickets, so hit the village all week and enter every random contest at every random promotional tent you can. If you can’t find a ticket then you’ll have to make do with the Bud Light Crankworx Concert Series that presents two great live bands on the outdoor stage every evening and DJ’s well into the night.

Even if mountain biking isn’t your thing it is impossible not to have a good time at Crankworx and even just a weekend in Whistler during August will show you what all the hype surrounding the resort is really about.

Crankworx Whistler 2012


After CrankWorx 2012 has passed and planning begins for 2013, Whistler continues to pack in enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy the bike parks and trails:


Whistler Biking Activities

Don't try this at home - do it in Whistler!

Whistler Biking Activities

BMX Park / Graffiti Art Ramps in Whistler

Whistler Biking Activities

The Cross Country bike trails in Whistler are EPIC

Whistler Biking Activities

End a day of trail riding with a view of the Sea to Sky. Doesn't get much better than this.


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Pete Thompson - Whistler Correspondent, YAHglobal.Com

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