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World's Coolest Hotel Swimming Pools


We're not referring to water temperature here folks, although we have stayed at some Hotels with pools that would leave even the most "manly" man feeling less of one, with his significant other snickering from the sidelines.


The World's Coolest Hotel Swimming Pools means exactly that. Not necessarily the "Best", because we're sure that there is some official judging criteria and administration deployed to dicate what chlorine content, water temperature, oxygen level, and bacteria count determines what classifies as a "Best" pool. Anything to create jobs we suppose.


Traditionally the YAH Travel Team frowns upon "wasting" an entire day splashing around in some hotel created body of water. We tend to encourage discovery of the region you are visiting and to allocate your aqua activities towards Mother Nature's own creations such as the great blue sea or lake (weather permitting). However, after visiting and/or seeing some of these Luxury Hotel Swimming/Lounging Pools we find ourselves tossing aside our steadfast principles, along with our clothes, jumping in head first, and staying.


San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile


Look at that picture...look at it! How could this place not be numero uno? As far as we still know this San Alfonso lagoon holds the current Guiness Record for the World's Largest Crystalline water pool (ask your neighbor's pool boy what that means exactly). Over one kilometer long, eight hectares, and 250 million liters of water. Forget trying to swim laps. Instead, grab a Mojito, pull up a deck chair, sip, dive, repeat.  


Burj Al Arab, Dubai


There's a picture of a hotel in Dubai that shows up consistently in every travel related magazine, calendar, and poster. Its built from the shore and out into the ocean and looks like a wind blown sail made of crystal glass. This is the pool found on the 18th floor spa of that beyond luxurious hotel. Given the proximity from where you probably are right now and the fact that it is regularily frequented by A-List celebrities (ergo "out of budget"), you may never get closer to this infinity pool overlooking the fascinating land and sea scape of Dubai, than you are by reading this here list. Soak it up and enjoy, Brangelina is doing the same (but real) thing right this minute.


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Grindavik - Iceland


Ok, before you throw what we said in the intro about "Cool" not referring to temperature back in our faces, let us explain. The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort Pool in yes, Iceland, is probably the warmest feeling body of water in the world because of the stark contrast to the actual outside temperature felt before you step in. 


The lagoon holds six million liters of geothermal seawater (forget asking the pool boy about this one. Do you know a marine biologist?). The water temperature is kept between 37-39°C/98-102°F and renewed every 40 hours. We know we said we wouldn't bring bacteria into this equation of World's Coolest Hotel Swimming Pools, but apparently the most common bacterias affecting our wellness cannot thrive in this environment, therefore no chlorine needed. So on top of being located in one seriously obscure environment and serving as a masterful conversation piece, The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Pool in Iceland is good for your health too.


Hotel Elan, Dallas - Texas


This awesome architectural creation is uniquely perched upon the 10th floor ledge of Hotel Elan in Dallas, Texas. When finished with your swim, please make sure that you climb out of the correct side of the pool, ok?


Golden Nugget, Las Vegas - Nevada


Yes we are aware that there are some hipper, trendier hotels in far off locations with infinity pools that rival what your imagination could ever dream up, that did not make this top 5 list. But let's remember for one minute that the bottom line here is that swimming pools should most importantly be about one thing, FUN. And can you really tell us that a pool with a 200,000 gallon shark tank and 3 story waterslide running right through it and into a tropical blue oasis in the heart of Sin City is not cool?


The added bonus is that you can tell people that you swam with sharks. No need to fill in the other irrelevant details. We won't tell.

Best Places In The World To Get Abducted By Aliens


UFO refers of course to “Unidentified Flying Object” for those of you that have been hiding under a rock or perhaps abducted by aliens yourselves decades ago, only to return as of recent day. Often dismissed as folklore, hoax, or a small “hick” town embellishment of a passing by aircraft or night sky tricks on the eyes, UFO sightings receive little credibility with the general public with exception of its ability to rake in box office receipts in Hollywood. But with the numbers of unexplained (ones that cannot be dismissed by tracked aircraft or natural phenomena) sightings continuing to grow throughout the world perhaps its time we consider getting on board, figuratively that is.


What's all of this got to do with YAHglobal.Com, a travel based site? Well, instead of planning your around-the-world trip based upon traditional exploits (cultural, culinary, altruistic or activity based, etc...), become the eccentric envy of your friends and loved ones and jaunt around the globe, camera/video-camera in hand and attempt to be the first person to nab that all confirming evidence CNN needs to deem our outer space friends the real deal. Then, you'll probably get to meet “first on the scene” Anderson Cooper, which only further validates that he in fact is one of them.


We've also taken consideration to create this list not only based upon number and frequency of “legitimate” (again, ones that cannot be dismissed by fact) sightings, but also upon the value of the region as a whole, with respect to being an attractive travel destination. We're not about to send you to some dust and tumbleweed ridden ghost town where every citizen is related by blood, only to disappear and be held captive in someone's basement. We're pretty sure that is what accounts for most unexplained “alien” abductions in the first place, rectal probes and all.


Disclaimer: Do we really need to include a disclaimer here? You get the idea...


Sedona, Arizona, USA


The setting of Sedona alone is perfect for this list. It is a small desert city with a population just over 11,000. Massive red sandstone protrusions that illuminate when touched by the rising and falling sun line the town, mimicking what one would expect to find on a little place we like to call “Mars”. On top of having one of the highest concentrations of UFO sightings in the U.S., Sedona is also home to some of the most powerful energy vortexes (invisible formations created by spiraling energy) in the world, perhaps due to the mineral composition of the red sandstone towers so prominent in the area, or vice versa. The fact that the Juniper trees near these supposed vortexes appear twisted like a ringed towel and many Sedona visitors (of this world) continue set off metal detector alarms at the nearest airport even when stripped down to their bare essentials, are a testaments to the assertion. During spikes in this energy, UFO sightings are apparently at their highest. Therefore there appears to be a correlation between an energy vortex and UFO's. Whether aliens are drawn to its power, or its power impacts the psyche of the surrounding public, is at the discretion of the examiner.


In an interesting side bar, and to us, further proof that something strange is going on in the region, is that the McDonald's in Sedona was disallowed by the city to use the famed yellow arches in its construction and opted for a teal blue. Have you ever seen a McDonald's arch in teal blue? You get a very uneasy feeling. Sedona may has well just roll out a one mile long, half a mile wide, red carpet landing strip for our extraterrestrial friends.


Be sure to visit the aptly named Ye Olde UFO Store in Sedona for Basic, Advanced, Private or Total Experience UFO Tours of the area. Book online by contacting info@yeoldeufostore.com or by calling 1(928)282.2039. They are open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm. They are not responsible for your safe return.


Photo: Made you look! Sorry folks, the arrow is pointing at nothing, just a nice Sedona Sunset...gotcha! 


Bonnybridge, Scotland


Bonnybridge, population under 9000, is the official UFO Capital of Scotland, which is a little specific prompting UFO enthusiasts to demand it deemed the UFO Capital of the World due to its average of over approximately over 300 sighting per year, with up to 60,000 recorded over time, according to The Independent, UK. There are a fair share of military bases in Scotland, which is always a rebuttal for critics, but aren't there always nearby military bases...everywhere?


Variety is also the slice of UFO life for Bonnybridge, with sightings indicating everything from the traditional saucer shaped ships to others more phallic in nature (“sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” said Freud). The honor also does not fall solely on sheep farmers and E.T. enthusiasts as reports have been made by business persons, firefighters, policing agents and local politicians including councilperson Billy Buchanan. There is no grounded vortex explanation or otherwise to indicate why UFOs would choose Bonnybridge other than remoteness, although many locals have their theories which makes visiting this place all the more interesting. What could be better than sharing a pint at a local Scottish pub and listening to swapped stories of the supernatural into the wee hours of the night?


There are no UFO stores or like touristy shops to visit in Bonnybridge but there is plenty to keep you occupied or in comfort while awaiting alien abduction. Bonnybridge Golf Club unfolds the green landscape that you could only find in Scotland. Contact them via phone at: 01324812323 or email: bgcl@hotmail.com for more information. For accommodation, under 3 miles from town is Glenskirlie House & Castle, a 15 room boutique style hotel that offers a truly picture perfect surrounding.


Guadalajara, Mexico


It must be the tequila. No, we're not referring to why the public is seeing UFOs in the city found in the home state of tequila, as if it to blame it on illusions post-consumption. Instead, we are asserting that perhaps it’s the alien life forms seeking the source of this mind (and rationale) altering beverage, perhaps as a form of fuel?


Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico but number one with respect to UFO sightings. On June 10, 2004 one of the most intense and widespread UFO fleet sightings was witnessed, videotaped and subsequently placed and scrutinized on international television. Some say it was hundreds of balloons (dismissed upon investigation), some say flocks of birds (dismissed upon investigation), and some say it as an Intergalactic Armada (not so much dismissed as it was never really entertained as being fact). Either way, to this day and within minutes of walking the streets, you can find a Guadalajara citizen who saw the event or knows someone who has, while sightings continue to occur into present day. Guadalajara is a spiritual epicenter of Mexico and thus many an explanation suggests that other world life forms would be attracted to the region based on this fact.


Learn more about why Guadalajara is worthy of visit, UFO sightings aside, by visiting our Guadalajara page here on YAHglobal.Com.


Warminster, Wilshire, England


This unassuming town in England with a population hovering around 17,000 starting popping up on the UFO radar during the late 60's and early 70's, which may have been an indicator of the times if located somewhere more metropolitan or even outside of the more conservative UK, but alas this area became widely known for its crop circle phenomenon. In addition the agriculturtal aggravation and sightings, Warminster's first supernatural experiences came in the form of audio, not visual. Residents would report strange sounds from the skies and even as close to home as their own rooftops that could not be attributed to anything common to the region. Following those reports would be actual UFO sightings. Throw in the crop cirlces and you have either full on conspiracy or something for the else for the "X-Files".


Warminster is also within close proximity (about 15 miles) to the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge, which may account for the occurances or "vice versa" (again), so regardless your beliefs on the matter, a trip to this region is a big payoff for visitors all sorts. Should you find yourself on this journey, there is a Holiday Inn a mere 3 miles from the mysterious Stonehenge, which is pretty much an indicator that it is indeed time for extra terrestrials to come and wipe us out.


New Mexico, USA


Its New Mexico, you know....Roswell Area 51? A 2 yr old could have figured this one out, which accounts for some of our editorial staff here at YAHglobal.Com. Nonetheless, obvious or not, we are obligated to include the region at the conclusion of this “Best Places In The World To Get Abducted By Aliens” list. The city of Roswell has pretty much become a gong show of retail exploitation since then and you don't really need us to tell you where to find a relevant UFO based activity in the city because it all becomes evident the minute you pull up in your SUV, Winnebago/RV, or rental car. It would be like us giving you detailed instructions about finding Mickey Mouse in Disneyland.