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Best Seafood In Seattle

We've mixed it up a bit here on our Best Seafood In Seattle list. Instead of solely directing you to some of the finer seafood (& steak) dining establishments with Zagat ratings through the roof that also often indicate an end-of-the-meal bill through the roof, we've included more casual eateries that account for fish & chip spots, mid-range, and fine dining at the same time, all with one thing in common; great seafood. All places are located around the downtown Seattle core and are found appropriately close to the harbor which creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoying all the delicacies the sea has to offer.


Ray's Boathouse, Cafe & Catering
6049 Seaview Avenue NW, Seattle, WA


Next to the Pike Place Market sign, Ray's is one of the most recognized beakons in the area luring in seafood lovers to the Seattle harbor and with good reason beyond bright neon letters.


The Puget Sound and Olympic Mountain view start the experience off perfectly and with the abundance of natural resources at their disposal, Ray's has managed to put together a menu that gives new meaning to “fresh catch of the day” with seasonal specialties and locally grown produce. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and familiar. Many of them have been with Ray's for over 15 years and it shows, especially when you witness locals being greeted by name as they make their way to their tables or when servers take and deliver your order to the tee without a glance at a notepad. Our recommendation includes a starter of Washington State Farmstead Cheeses ($11 sampler of three), the Dungeness Crab Cakes ($25 Maris piper potatoes, spinach, house bacon, piquillo pepper dressing) for dinner, and the Five Spice Chocolate Cake ($7.50 Ginger poached pear, crème fraîche, pear jus) for dessert.


For those in the mood for a light lunch/dinner, a more casual atmosphere, or simply there for drinks, Ray's has a cafe with an outdoor deck, serving an “edgier” and budget friendly menu, including one for beverages that accounts for 20 microbrews, a full bar, specialty drinks and a variety of  old-world European-style beers.


The Pacific Northwest has been long heralded for it's seafood and Ray's Boathouse is an integral part of that very legend, making it not only one of the best in Seattle, but among the best in the nation.


Elliott's Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA


Elliot's has been in the "shucking" business for over 30 years and continues to grow strong situated along Pier 56 in the Seattle Harbor area. The best things in life are often without complication and simplicity is the key to Elliot's success. With some of the best seafood in North America at their footsteps,  there is little need to “dress it up” beyond recognition with a menu that reads very “matter of fact” as opposed to unrecognizable concoctions of seasonings and garnish that hide the actually flavor of the prized catch of the day. These specialized catches include Dungeness Crab, Northwest Salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Pacific Finfish, Northwest Shellfish, and of course the freshest oysters around.

Elliot's oyster bar is where its at with 21 feet worth of viewing pleasure and over 30 varieties available for fans of the mollusc. The crab service at Elliot's is no slouch either as the server's professional yet consummately friendly and energetic demeanor make the experience worth revisiting over and over again. Lucky locals. The white wine list perfectly complements the seafood menu as well.

We'll leave the oyster selection at your discretion but for the appetizer and dinner we recommend the starting with the Dungeness Crab & Shrimp Dip ($12 Dungeness crab mixed w/bay shrimp, artichoke hearts and fresh spinach) followed by the Seafood Fettuccine ($24 Pacific finfish, scallops, prawns, bay shrimp & mussels tossed in garlic cream or pomodoro sauce w/fettuccine pasta) or if you feel like stepping out of the Northwest then check out the Hawaiian Yellowfin Ahi ($30). Finish of the evening with the Fried Chocolate Truffle Sundae ($8) or if you feel like keeping it somewhat “ocean” all the way through the opt for the Sea Salt Caramel Sundae ($9).

Pierside location, fresh from the waterfront seafood, a perfectly matched wine list and renowned crab and oyster service - Elliot's Oyster House if a quadruple threat in the Seattle seafood landscape.


Salty's on Alki
1936 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA


In our opinion, Alki Beach has the best ocean view in Seattle and where better to enjoy great seafood than in such a perfect location at sunset? Cliches exists for a darn good reason so go for it. Salty's on Alki Beach is yet another Seattle based award winning seafood (and steak) restaurant and all (with the exception of specialties) of the above mentioned reasons for the other establishments on this list apply to Salty's. The thing that really separates this restaurant from the rest is its address, ambiance and “casual elegance”. This is where you go not only to enjoy amazing seafood, but where you go on the all important first, second AND third dates (although you may lose points for being unoriginal after the second date) and then if all goes well, for all subsequent anniversaries and  the like. Summer evenings are also a big draw at Salty's with picture perfect outdoor decks and patio seating. We assume by now you are getting the point of what places this location on the list. There is no better place to enjoy ocean delicacies and drinks in the waterfront atmosphere that it was intended for than at Salty's on Alki Beach.

Our appetizer and dinner recommendation includes the Colossal Coconut-Crusted Prawns ($15...a meal in itself) followed by the unquestionably amazing Dungeness Crab Mac & Cheese ($18). If you have room for dessert (you probably won't) then order the White Chocolate Grand Marnier Cheesecake ($10).

Salty's on Alki Beach is an all out seafood affair. If you could only visit each of these listed eateries just once, we would suggest visiting the other locations during the fall, winter and spring months and save Salty's for that perfect summer evening, in order to have that perfect summer evening


Spud Fish & Chips
2666 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA


This one is kind of a no-brainer. You've got the same inspired beachfront location as with the above mentioned Salty's on Alki Beach and fantastic seafood, albeit of the Fish & Chips variety. Sometimes all you want is a big ol' basket of this beach connoisseur combo and Spud Fish & Chips is just the place to grab all you can carry and stroll along the waterfront walkways.

Simple and perfect


Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA


Yet another specialty based seafood eatery on this list is Pike Place Chowder. There is little more comforting than a big warm bowl of creamy seafood flavor to soothe the soul on a sleepy eyed morning, chilly afternoon or after a long day of work (or play). Pike Place Chowder captured the attention of the public first from its location at Pike Place Market but kept them coming back in droves for their rich menu that rotates eight varieties of chowder at its Post Alley location. Be sure to inquire about the Chowder of the Day and see if it matches your cravings otherwise you can't go wrong with their version of the classic New England Clam Chowder ($6.95 Big Bowl) or the Southwest Chicken & Corn Chowder ($6.95 Big Bowl) for those venturing out of the ocean.