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Best Starbuck's Related Activities In It's Hometown Seattle

Seems a little specific doesn't it? Especially when most of our lists tend to "spread" things around a bit and seek out those lesser known, hole in the wall establishments that you don't already know about. However, considering that Seattle is the birthplace of Starbuck's and ultimately responsible for launching an espresso based revolution in North America if not the world, it is not only justified but downright expected to recognize the importance of this mega-chain in the grand scheme of caffeine. Thus we put together a quick, if not admittedly inconsequential to many, list of Starbuck's related activities in Seattle, the hometown of the most recognized logo in the bean brewing business.


Original Starbuck's

1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA


The very first Starbuck's opened in 1971 at 2000 Western Avenue until 1975 when it was relocated to 1912 Pike Place (the market) where it can still be found today. Where better to pay homage to the most recognized name in coffee than at this location? The coffee is the same but the logo and signs are still in the original brown color which makes the Pike Place cafe one of the most photographed Starbuck's locations in the world. 


Starbuck's Headquarters

2401 Utah Ave S, Seattle, WA


Although it isn't exactly impressive and there are for some inexplicable reason no tours available on site, true Starbucks enthusiasts (or protesters we suppose) can pull on in to the parking lot of the world wide headquarters of this corporate coffee monolith on Utah Avenue. In the front area a cafe exists where you can enjoy your favorite espresso based beverage as soak up the atmosphere along side of the HQ's head honchos. The large red and brown brick clock tower does make for some cool additions to ones photo albums so its worth a visit if convenient along your travels.


Seattle's Best Coffee
102 Pike St., Seattle, WA


Agitate your coffee snob friends or foes who think they are taking a stand against the mega chain Starbucks and proudly declare (frequently) that they are regulars of Seattle's Best instead, by letting them know that Seattle's Best is actually owned by Starbuck's Corporation. "Suck on that espresso bean hippie!" Visit the very first of this coffee chain misconception at 102 Pike St., Seattle and take plenty of pictures and post them on your favorite social networking site and await the responses that read “Yeah, Starbuck's sucks! Seattle's Best is the real deal!” and then proceed to let them down without modesty that they are grossly misinformed. Vindictive much?


Biggest Starbuck's In Seattle

1301 2nd Ave, (between University St & Union St), Seattle, WA


Although this location pales in comparison to the five-story Starbuck's monstrosity in Seoul - South Korea, the 2nd Avenue location in Seattle is pretty darn big and the only location in town where you can almost guarantee a seat, especially since the company started offering free wireless in recent times which made a once casual atmosphere into a student and screenwriter/entreprenuer without-internet-access "free for all" for the small price of a tall house blend. $1.87 rent ain't bad for 5 five hour internet session.