VAIN Hair Salon Seattle
Address : 2018 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 441 3441

ABOUT Vain Hair Salon Seattle

VAIN Hair Salon Seattle

VAIN is much more than a hair salon, it's an art gallery, a boutique and a community space fully committed to the expression of personal style. VAIN salon has built a reputation for delivering cutting edge style in a cool, comfortable, fun, and self-empowering atmosphere that focuses on the individual and their experience.  Their philosophy puts the customer in the driver’s seat, encouraging them to explore and create their own personal vision of beauty - not what magazines tell them.

Fueled by a deep interest in social causes and a drive to promote capitalism with a conscience, VAIN continues to build connections with communities of people and groups who are working for social change, making VAIN more than just a hair salon.

Vain Hair Salon Seattle - Services

Style consultations are always free!

Haircuts - $30 to $80

Hair color - $50 and up

Hair extensions (pricing varies- call for free consultation appointment)

Dreadlocks + Braids (pricing varies)

Styling - $30 and up

Extras - inquire

Vain Hair Salon Seattle - Hours

Sunday to Tuesday 11AM - 8PM

Wednesday to Thursday 10AM - 8PM

Friday to Saturday 9AM - 8PM

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YAH Says...

Vain Hair Salon Seattle

If you're so vain that you think this shop is about you, you're right. That's what Vain salon is known for - their explicit devotion to ensuring that the customer can express their inner-self with Vain staff simply (yet expertly) serving as the paintbrush to complete the masterpiece (you). When traveling we know it's nearly impossible to trust a strange establishment with your hair but when an impromptu need for a haircut or up-do strikes you often have no choice. But upon stepping into Vain and being greeted by the staff and stylists with a free consultation you know you're in the hands of those that are looking to protect, serve, and reflect your personal grooming needs better than your own home mirror. Vain is the only downtown Seattle salon we can send you to in complete confidence - go forth and unleash both your sexy inner beast & beauty!

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