First Starbucks Seattle
Address : 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 448 8762

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First Starbucks Seattle

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 6 AM to 9 PM
Saturday to Sunday 6:30 AM to 9 PM

YAH Says...

First Starbucks Seattle

Without question Starbucks is an official institution in Seattle and the very first Starbucks, located at Pike Place Market, is one of the most popular attractions in Seattle. As the birthplace of coffee shop insanity in America this location is also often the first attraction that visitors in town go to, given that so few of us can start the day without a cup of java - two birds with one stone.

So what's different about this Starbucks? What can one expect upon a visit? Just three things. First, be prepared for a long wait as the line that congregates out front borders on ridiculous at times, especially considering that another Starbucks is located around the corner in either direction. Second, if in line be prepared to be included in the photo albums of dozens of Japanese tourists who stand and snap shots of every imaginable angle of this American icon. Lastly, in stark contrast to the green and white logo, awnings, and barista smocks that you're accustomed to, this Starbucks is accented in its original coffee bean brown (the reason for the multitude of photos taken). Otherwise, the experience is about the same as any visit to Starbucks. However, without question any true Starbucks regular will get a kick out of visiting the very first Starbucks on the planet and who can blame them? An American institution indeed.

First Starbucks Seattle

Note: Don't make the mistake that many do by thinking that the Starbucks located at Pike & 1st Avenue (below) is the original. This location is also coffee bean colored but was designed so in homage to the original around the corner. However the Pike & 1st location with its spacious interior and overall relaxed vibe is far superior to that of the "tourist attraction". Take your pictures and buy your souvenirs at the above and return for your morning/afternoon/evening coffee below.

Pike & 1st Starbucks

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