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Adventures in Santa Cruz

Adventures in Santa Cruz


Skydiving Santa Cruz - Skydive Surf City

Skydive Surf City

Many seasoned tandem skydiving operations forget to remember one thing when taking someone out to skydive for the first time - that it's their first time. However, the staff at Skydive Surf City maintains that first-timer excitement - except of course they have the years of expertise that you want (insist upon) from your tandem instruction. You see, the crew at Skydive Surf City stays stoked because they are stoked for you. Your excitement is theirs and the two of you share the breathtaking experience together while strapped tight to one another, falling 12,000 feet from the skies overlooking Santa Cruz California. 

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Scuba Dive Monterey Bay - Aqua Safaris

Aqua Safaris Santa Cruz

Scuba Diving in Monterey Bay is an intense experience. From down below the maze of kelp beds reaching up from the dark deep to the bright ocean surface make it feel as if you are staring up at the Northern California Redwoods - an underwater version. Things can honestly get a little eerie when scuba diving in this locale but that is a huge part of what makes it so fun.

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Search for Bigfoot in the Redwoods

Bigfoot Discovery Museum

The Henry Cowell Redwoods of Northern California have long been a focal point for age old stories of the legendary Bigfoot. From the ancient Zayante Indians that once resided within the forest to hikers, campers, and explorers of recent decades, tales detail accounts of the cryptid beast/s roaming the Redwoods.

Even in present day there have been nervous reports coming from a select few that have spent a night under the stars in the Henry Cowell Redwoods to be awoken by noises and rustlings that cannot be detailed by the state park wildlife brochure.

Before deciding upon this on-the-fringe exploration adventure in Santa Cruz County be sure to prepare yourself and your party by gathering as much information as possible from the nearby Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Tell co-founder Mike Rugg of your intentions to peacefully learn more about the one known as Bigfoot and he will likely provide you with some valuable tips in addition to detailing some of his very own accounts that will all but obliterate any skepticism you had going into it.

This is one adventure you will remember for the rest of your life - even if the big hairy beauty neglects to grace you with his/her presence.