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Whale Watching in Santa Cruz

Best Whale Watching in Santa Cruz

Whale watching in Santa Cruz around the Monterey Bay Area is one of the most popular natural attraction activities along the coast of Northern California. When "in season" Monterey Bay is so rich in mammoth sized marine life that you're pretty much guaranteed to get within a few meters (maybe feet) of the likes of a Humpback or migrating Gray Whale. At times you can even spot these beautiful beasts in the distance of a stone's throw from the beach sands fronting Santa Cruz. In one well timed photograph from the Santa Cruz Wharf you can capture a breaching whale, the Boardwalk, the Big Dipper, and a deep fried Twinkie if you've got good enough zoom.

This list provides you with the best ways to experience Whale Watching in Santa Cruz.

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By Boat - Santa Cruz Whale Watching

Santa Cruz Whale Watching

The Stagnaro Charter Boats company offers one of the premier Whale Watching in Santa Cruz experiences. Their boat - the Velocity - puts passengers on a fast track to the sea to see what they paid for. Monterey Bay is rich in sea life and it's as if this Santa Cruz Whale Watching service has some sort of long standing agreement with them all (whales to dolphins to seals and even Great White Sharks) so that at least a few of these majestic creatures makes an appearance on every expedition over the waters they call home.

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By Kayak - Venture Quest Kayaking

Whale Watching in Santa Cruz

Kayaking Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay is a unique experience that allows participants the opportunity to slice their paddles through massive kelp beds, passed packs of seals resting on the Santa Cruz Harbor Jetty, or even to glide on playful waves along with pods of dolphins. The most breathtaking experiences however are had when a humpback or gray whale pulls up along the side of your kayak.

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SUP Shack Santa Cruz

Whale Watching in Santa Cruz

Gliding along the salt water of Santa Cruz offers a different perspective that many declare is a refreshing removal from the norm. Staring down from a 5 foot or taller perch (depending of course upon your height) while skimming the surface showcases the unique marine life of the area like no other watercraft experience. 

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