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San Francisco Lightsaber Training School


San Francisco Lightsaber Training School
Golden Gate Knights
19 Heron Street, San Francisco, CA 

San Francisco Lightsaber Training School

Admit it. At some point in time you've grabbed a broom handle, or a cardboard tube leftover from a roll of holiday wrapping paper, or a toy model version in an empty aisle at your local Wal-Mart and swung it around making that "whoom" sound as you sliced the air imaging yourself in the midst of a Jedi battle against an evil Sith lord. If you say you haven't, your lying. Girls included (maybe). While you may imagine that your shadow sword fighting is as choreographed and fluid as Darth Maul's doomed attack on Liam and Ewan you most likely look like someone who forgot to take their medication to anyone peering through their blinds in the condo across the street.

However, your Jedi aspirations can become reality on your next jaunt through San Francisco where the Golden Gate city is substituted for the Emperor's Chambers of an incomplete Death Star 2.0. Golden Gate Knights offers San Francisco Lightsaber classes every Sunday and if you think it's just a nerd fest you're mistaken. Sure there's a few in the mix that probably spend their Saturday nights immersed in the World of Warcraft but there's also an element of those in attendance that embrace the fact that the Star Wars universe has a place in all of our hearts no matter if you're too cool for school or not.

The San Francisco Lightsaber training school experience begins with a yoga class worthy session of stretching and warm up followed by flourishes. "Flourishes" include the fluid spinning, reverse spinning, inverted gripping, and figure eights that have become the defining moves of the Jedi. Once you've gotten the hang of that part, the choreography portion of the session begins, which is really where the magic happens. Basic segmented moves are taught and linked together like moving puzzle pieces and when a sequence is completed you are floored by the fact that you actually put together a functioning sequence. Appropriately, the class ends with a five minute meditation - as everyone knows that a true Jedi's power lies within.

Time: Every Sunday from noon to 3PM

Cost: $15/class

Restrictions: 17 and up

Clothes: Comfortable work-out gear

Lightsaber: BYOLS or rent for $5

Contact Golden Gate Knights San Francisco Lightsaber School via email or call (916) 214-3917


For more information visit the Golden Gate Knights website