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Extreme Bird's Eye View Tours of San Francisco Bay Area

Leave the helicopter tours to the pampered and get out and experience the ultimate bird's eye views of the Bay Area. Whether Hang Gliding San Francisco or taking it one step further (and higher) by strapping on a parachute and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane Johnny Utah style, you'll get the adrenaline pumping by taking one of these unique San Francisco experiences. 

Note: All of the below listed activities are contingent upon weather conditions.


Hang Gliding San Francisco

Bay Area Hang Gliding

1221 Kedith St, Belmont CA

(408) 656-6799 

Unless you are an experienced hang glider or are in town long enough to take a few lessons with Bay Area Hang Gliding until you can take flight on your own, you're going to have to go tandem. trust us, hang gliding is not something you want to try on your own for the first time. Hang gliding San Francisco comes down to one important thing - finding an instructor / tandem partner you can trust. Bay Area Hang Gliding has one of the most reputable crews around and their friendly, professional, and personable tandem intstructors keep your mind at ease even when second thoughts sink in as you leap together from the hillside perch.

Your day starts by meeting your instructor at the predetermined coastal or mountain side (go coastal!) flight site. Once the waivers are signed and you're outfitted in your gear, a quick ten minute take-off and landing lesson is the only thing keeping you from the skies.

Tandem Prices:

Single Tandem Flight $285 ea/weekday

Single Tandem Flight $325 ea/weekend

Discounts available for military, students, multiple bookings


Paragliding San Francisco
Oxygen Paragliding San Francisco
(415) 789-6225

Paragliding San Francisco comes down to one important thing - finding an instructor / tandem partner you can trust. Notice the consistent theme of this Bird's Eye View of San Francisco article?

The best way to start your paragliding adventure is to start the day with a hike up the very mountain that you'll be launching from. Simply contact Oxygen Paragliding days in advance to figure out the details and to set a time and place to meet. After meeting with your instructor at the peak you'll be briefed on a few safety features, get strapped in, and be on the way into the skies above the bay. The airborne journey lasts about 15 to 20 well-worth-it minutes and your tandem instructor ensures a safe and sturdy landing for you both. In such a short span you can have the adventure of a lifetime and be on your way to explore the rest of the Bay Area, which no longer seem quite the same since you've now seen it from the open air skies. You'll definitely want to come back and do it again on your next pass through San Francisco.

Enrollment Policy:
• Tandem, and lessons must be paid in advance (check, M/C , Paypal or Visa).
• All lesson and tandem sales are final, no cash refunds.
• Tandem and lesson packages must be used within one year of purchase date.
• Lessons and tandem flights are by reservation only.
• Payment, or deposit must be received to confirm a reservation.
• Lessons may be cancelled with no penalty with 24 or more  hours' notice.
• All students will be required to sign a release of liability prior to taking a course or flying tandem.
• There will be no charge for lessons cancelled due to inclement weather.
• Partial lessons due to wind or weather will be prorated accordingly.
• Participants must be in reasonable physical condition.
• Maximum tandem student weight is 240 lbs.
• Absolutely no smoking or dogs allowed on the training hill.


Sky Diving San Francisco
SkyDive SF (in partnership w/SkyDive Surf City)
Airport: 160 Aviation Way, Watsonville, CA

OK, so you are actually not allowed to Sky Dive within the city limits of San Francisco due to air space restricitons, but as with any extreme adventure based tour, you often have to leave the borders of the metropilis. Within an hour and a half (or two depending on traffic) you will find yourself in an even more idealic setting for a  San Francisco Sky Diving experience, in Santa Cruz County - which is a much better place to spend your entire day anyways. Reserve your time with Skydiving San Francisco as early as possible to you can spend you remaining time back on earth enjoying the county of Santa Cruz in a rental car with plenty of pit stops along the way.

Groups and individuals are welcome. The sky diving adventure takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the size of the party. On a clear day the distant view of San Francisco and the close ups of Santa Cruz and Monteray Bay seen either on the plane ride or while freefalling are unforgettable. On an especially clear day you can spot dolphins or even whales spouting through the surface of the Pacific.

Reservations are mandatory so be sure to contact Skydive San Francisco as soon as you make the mental leap to make the biggest physical leap of your life.