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Alcatraz Night Tour

Alcatraz Tours in San Francisco – really creative right? Well, although we prefer to steer visitors away from the norm, we can’t exactly ignore the Bay Area’s most infamous attraction. But a trip to the Rock during the day can feel more like a Universal Studios theme park excursion – complete with kids and Werther’s Hard Candy carrying grandparents in the mix. They daylight hours are also so busy it’ll likely drive more adventurous travelers into the insane asylum wing of the old prison.

Save the afternoon trips for those that hang their heads out of big red San Francisco trollies going “ooh” at every turn and instead opt to join braver souls on the edgier night time tours of Alcatraz.

Note: Never wander off from the night time tour groups to explore the Alcatraz grounds alone – it’s rumored that those that have were never heard of again. Seriously. Maybe.


Alcatraz Cruises - Alcatraz Night Tour
Pier 33 Hornblower Alcatraz Landing, San Francisco, CA

Enjoy the sunset and the late evening stories told by the tour guides of Alcatraz Cruises before the reddish hue disappear behind the bay when things start to get a little creepy. After a narrated cruise around the island and docking you get to "do time" in a cell and if they let you out for good behavior there are other special experiences that only the night time tours offer. Contact Alcatraz Cruises at the phone number below to find out what those may be. In our opinion the most eerie portion if the Alcatraz Night Tour occurs when you step foot on the stained floor of the prison hospital where one can only imagine what occurred within many decades ago. If it get's quiet enough the walls just may whisper the stories in your unsuspecting ear. Chills.

Ticket Prices:
Adult (18-61) $35.00
Junior (12-17) $34.00
Child (5-11) $20.50
Senior (62+) $32.25
Toddlers (0-4) Free

Duration: 2.5 Hours (approximate)

To purchase tickets, call (415) 981-ROCK or purchase tickets to the Alcatraz Night Tour online.

Alcatraz Night Tour