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San Francisco Food Truck Pod

SoMa Streat Food Eatery San Francisco

San Francisco is considered to be the home to the best food trucks on the mainland of North America (Hawaii is the overall champ). Now as far as we are concerned, the allure of the food truck phenomenon is greatly due to the “stumble upon” factor. There is little better to wet your taste buds with anticipation than wandering the streets in the midst of a serious hunger pang - while tired of the same old fast food or passé overpriced eateries - when you accidently come across a food truck parked on the corner of an intersection. The more unique the truck and cuisine the better and you feel a sense of pride in the belief that you alone may have been the first of your circle to discover this new addition to the food truck landscape – either jumping on social media in an effort to spread the word or keeping tight lipped so as to not spoil your new secret spot with crowds and commercialized hype. We also feel an allegiance to the owner/operators of our favorite food trucks, following them diligently on Twitter and Facebook to find out where they are on any given lunch date, feeling that these efforts are rewarded with an extra scoop of whatever your plate delivers -  as a thank you for your loyalty. 

However San Francisco has thrown a wrench into our romanticism of meals on wheels with its recent batching of portable eateries into a monster truck pod – located at 428 11th Street at Division and called SoMa Streat Food Park. While blasphemous to some with its covered seating, restroom facilities, wifi, and a projector screen, Food Trucks have been dealing with a heap of red tape coming from the deep pocketed brick and mortar eateries in downtown San Fran and thus have found solace at the SoMa Streat Food Park. While we too feel that it does take away the appeal of a good food truck hunting expedition – we sympathize with the necessity of such a thing in the city of San Francisco and at the end of the day, you can guess where we’ll be the next time our tummies rumble when passing through the Bay Area.  

Here is a quick highlight of some of the food trucks you can find on the 10 truck per day rotation at the SoMa Streat Food Eatery in San Francisco.


SoMa Streat Food Eatery San Francisco


Arki Truck

Specializes in crispy fried chicken, delicious fried chicken sandwiches piled high with fresh ingredients, fresh cut fries, and light & crispy beignet donuts. The flavors have Asian and Western influences.

Bacon Bacon

The name says it all.

Cookie Truck

A cookie truck that uses primarily organic, mostly local ingredients to deliver freshly-baked whole-grain cookies to the masses. We bake IN the truck!

Frozen Kuhsterd

Frozen custard is a cold dessert similar to ice cream, made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. One claim traces its invention to Coney Island in 1919.

Golden Waffle

Golden Waffle serves the Original Belgian Sugar Waffles. Think of Golden Waffle Mobile for your next parties. Great for breakfast, a tasty snack or dessert.

Iz It Fresh Grill

IZ IT is the first HAWAIIANESE mobile food truck known for it’s ICONIC fried chicken, KICKIN’ tacos, and SPAMMED OUT musubis.

Mama's Empanadas

Mobile Gourmet Food Truck serving oven baked empanadas, and Northern Italian cuisine and salads.

Smoking Warehouse

BBQ warehouse style!

Southern Sandwich

The Fish Tank

Serving tasty seafood concoctions fresh from the local fishermen in the Bay Area.

The Rib Whip

The Rib Whip is the FIRST EVER BBQ truck with a smoker installed on-board! We’ll be serving amazing southern style BBQ grub to satisfy all your lunch-time and late-night desires!

The Slider Shack

Surf shack theme inspired food truck serving the best sliders around the Bay Area. 

The Voodoo Van

It just looks cool.

SoMa Streat Food Eatery San Francisco