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Great White Shark Tours in San Francisco

Leave the San Francisco Wharf and Alcatraz Tours to less than adventurous tourists. Instead, test your limits by seeking out the one thing that keeps sun bathers on the beach at bay when in San Francisco - the Great White Shark. The coast line off of this popular California city is known for being severely sharky so why not take advantage of the region's most natural attraction and get one of the most adventurous tours in the U.S. under your belt? Immerse yourself in the same waters as the oceans most feared yet misunderstood creature.


Great White Adventures
Emeryville, California to Farallon Islands
Freephone: (888)-255-1528
Telephone: 510-808-4499

Great White Adventures is the most reputable San Francisco Great White Shark Tour around. Aside from the friendly, professional, and knowledgable crew on board, Great White Adventures finds it's success from one other very valuable resource - the Farallon Islands.

Located under 30 miles off shore from the Golden Gate of San Francisco, the Farallon Islands are an ominous looking collection of volcanic ash toned islands and sea stacks that poke through the tumultuous and cold Pacific waters of Northern to Central California. Although appearing barren, the Farallon Islands are rich in life from both the air and sea. While they serve as a protected sanctuary for sea birds, its what's under the liquid surface that makes the Farallon Islands enticing for some while haunting for others. The Great White Shark makes these islands its home because the eatin's good at the Farallon Islands, packed to the gills with seals, sea lions, and other fish served raw to their wide open jaws. In the fall, when thousands of local marine mammals congregate at the Farallon Islands for breeding season, is not uncommon to see the powerful yet beautiful beasts breach the water and clamp on its prey in a manner commonly seen during the Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

Great White Adventures kicks off its tour season during this natural circle of life phenomenon and while they can't 100% guarantee you'll see a Great White, much less a dramatic breach attack, the odds are in your favor with the best rated Great White Shark tour company in the business. Regardless if you spot the sea's most misunderstood inhabitant, the full day tour and its guides shed light on the importance of the Great White and it's place in the ecosystem. In addition, depending on the season, you can see Grey, Blue, Humpback, and even Killer Whales (the Great White's natural enemy) in addition to a massive collection of marine mammals. Whether you opt for the cage diving experience or prefer to stay up on board, the Great White Adventures tour will be a once in a lifetime experience.

1 Day Cage Dive - $775 per person

Includes cage diving, diving air, weights and weight belts, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages, beer and wine.

Topside Observer - $375 per person

Includes continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages, beer and wine.


Departing from Emeryville, California. Departure 6am, returning 6pm.

Trips run September thru November 22 (5 days a week Thursday through Monday)

Please contact us at


San Francisco Bay Whale Watching
Mailing Address: 300 Napa St, Slip #26, Sausalito, CA

It's not your fault if your trip to San Francisco doesn't coordinate with the breeding season of the marine mammals at Farallon Islands. Therefore we thought we'd recommend another service than runs during the remainder of the season when Great White Adventures crew is off frolicking in the warmer waters of Mexico.

While this tour doesn't offer cage diving nor make claim to being a Great White Shark specific tour, they still present you with the option to see the Farallon Islands up close and if you inspect surface of the sea closely, you may get lucky and spot one on your own. SF Bay Whale Watching is a leisurely way to enjoy the off shore attraction of the islands and places more focus on whale watching - an incredible experience in itself.

Contact SF Bay Whale Watching at (415) 331 - 6267 or via email at