Movies in San Francisco, CA

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1. Castro Theatre

Address : 429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA

Phone : (415) 621-6120

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The Castro Theatre was built in 1922 by pioneer San Francisco theatre entrepreneurs, the Nasser brothers, who started with a nickelodeon in 1908 in the Castro neighborhood.

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2. Red Vic Movie House

Address : 1727 Haight St, San Francisco, CA

Phone : (415) 668-3994

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All of our friends love to watch movies. So in 1980, a group of us decided to collectively run our own cinema. Hence, the Red Vic Movie House. For almost 10 years, Red Vic's first home was at the corner of Haight and Belvedere Streets. Here, we introduced our now legendary couches to offer our patrons a funky, yet comfy, place to watch their favorite films.

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3. Dolores Park Movie Night

Address : 20th St and Dolores St, San Francisco, CA

Phone : ()

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We live near Dolores Park, and want to make the most of our beautiful little neighborhood. Dolores Park Movie Night has no affiliations, no causes, no politics and minimal organization. We pay for permits, movie licences, and equipment ourselves and only ask for small donations to cover recurring costs. Dolores Park Movie Night is our small contribution to the local community.

Our ranks include a Mad Scientist, a Computer Geek, a couple of Hot Lawyer Babes, our Fearless Leader, and of course our Always Hungry "Will Love You For Food" Mascot.

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4. Clay Theatre

Address : 2261 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA

Phone : (415) 267-4893

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Part of San Francisco Landmark Theaters

Landmark Theatres is a recognized leader in the industry for providing to its customers consistently diverse and entertaining film products in a sophisticated adult-oriented atmosphere. Our theatres showcase a wide variety of films — ranging from Independent and Foreign film to 3-D movies and smart films from Hollywood. Landmark Theatres is the nation's largest theatre chain dedicated to exhibiting and marketing independent film.

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5. Viz Cinema

Address : 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA

Phone : (415) 525-8600

Description : VIZ Cinema is a… view more

VIZ Cinema is a 143-seat underground cinema inside NEW PEOPLE in San Francisco, owned and operated by VIZ Pictures. Equipped with a cutting-edge HD digital projection and THX®-certified sound system, VIZ Cinema’s programming focuses on the latest and hottest films from Japan, as well as an incredible legacy of classics, favorites, documentaries and anime – making it the only venue of its kind in the United States.

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6. Balboa Theater

Address : 3630 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA

Phone : (415) 221-8184

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The Balboa Theater was built in 1926, opening as the "New Balboa Theater" to distinguish it from the existing Balboa Theater on Ocean Avenue.

The Balboa is now ADA accessible and more pleasant than ever for everyone to visit — join us soon for the best in movie entertainment!

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1-6 of 6 result