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Best Lazy Day in San Diego - La Jolla Coast Walk


The coast line of Southern California is one of the most beautiful in the world and the La Jolla Coast Walk in San Diego competes for being the best of that stretch. Complete with white sand coves, sea caves, surf, and at times more sunbathing seals than you imagine, the under 2 mile stretch is a treat no matter the time of the year. The climate in the county is favorable enough to make the trek alluring 365 days a year, whether you enjoy blazing hot walks that prompt dips in the Pacific, fresh Spring days that bring out the lush green accents, or crisp Fall/Winter mornings made for strolls with cups of espresso in hand.

In addition to the natural attractions listed below, the La Jolla Coast Walk "village" area offers some fantastic dining and shopping opportunities. For those with a penchant for fine cuisine, we suggest stopping by George's on the Cove. For that aforementioned espresso, start the day off at the Living Room Cafe (as cozy as it sounds) on Prospect Street before heading to the coastal trail. Shopping is bountiful in La Jolla Village with shops that range from surf to souvenir to sassy fashion. Feel like spending the night in luxury accommodation? Trust us when we say you could do no better than a day or two waking up at to a magnificent view found at Hotel Parisi.


Children's Pool
850 Coast Boulevard, La Jolla, CA


You can start your day at Children's Pool, or also referred to as Seal Beach, which is a seawall made lagoon of sorts perfect for the kids to frolic in, unless the armada of seals that frequent the cove feel the urge for some much earned relaxation after a hard life of play, which over the past few years has become the case on a daily basis. In this circumstance, keep your little ones at a distance out of respect for the original inhabitants of the beach and enjoy the show (sight and sound), camera in hand.


La Jolla Cove
1100 Coast Boulevard, La Jolla, CA


At the heart of it all is La Jolla Cove Beach, which on a bright sunny day look like something out of the tropics if it weren't for the packed parking lot atop of the sloping cliff side. If you are lucky enough to find this little piece of paradise with only a few people laying out, you will have found, well...paradise. Avoid weekends and summer months if crowds aren't your thing, or at the very least experience the cove in the early AM and of course at sunset for a picture perfect moment. Sealife is abundant in the ocean fronting this beach, making it an optimum SoCal snorkelling destination.


La Jolla Sea Caves
1325 Coast Blvd., La Jolla, CA


The seven La Jolla Sea Caves are the best natural attraction of the region. These formations are tens of millions of years old, formed from sandstone and sclupted by the splashing waves of the Pacific. Clam's Cave, the largest, can be seen from Coast Blvd and the Coast Walk Trail, but without question the best way to view this phenomenon is via a kayaking tour, available from San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours. Be sure to visit the Sunny Jim Cave Store . The shop was built into one of the La Jolla caves - named Sunny Jim - and in addition to selling souvenir merchandise and renting snorkel gear, it allows visitors to descend 145 steps (actual stairs) into a burrowed tunnel in exploration of Sunny Jim's colorful, mineral tinted innards.