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Welcome to Surfindian

Surfindian is a surf gallery located in Pacific Beach, California. At Surfindian, we feature art-driven, small batch products that reflect an individualized approach to the art of surfing.

At Surfindian, surfing is an art form. Surfindian debuts new art shows approximately every two months, each show featuring cutting edge visual art, handcrafted custom surfboards, and provocative music. Past shows have included visual art by Andy Davis, Cyrus Sutton, Ryan Tater, Sam Cody, Harry Daily, Dave Hanson, and Tyler Warren; surfboards by Skip Frye, Steve Mast, Pendoflex, Cooperfish, Mino Suzuki, Jeff McCallum, Micah Wood, Zeph Carrigg, Larry Mabile, Manual Caro and Josh Hall; and live music from the Mattson 2, Ray Barbee and the Growlers.

When it comes to your day-to-day needs, Surfindian carries the very finest t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other surfing apparel from small-batch suppliers such as Skip Frye, Ando and Friends, Wellen and Yellow Rat. We are also proud to feature Surfindian’s own "artist series" t-shirts and hats, which feature designs from artists who have previously shown at the gallery.

Surf art takes many forms, not the least of which is film. At Surfindian, we strive to maintain a comprehensive library of the very best in surf films, featuring filmmakers such as Thomas Campbell, Andrew Kidman, Nathan Oldfield, Mikey DeTemple, Patrick Trefz, Jason Baffa, Taylor Steele, Albert Falzon and others. The focus of our film library is on films that transcend the obvious, and instead explore the true heart and soul of surfing.

To round out the experience, we also carry books, jewelry, fins and other unique items that we believe reflect the art and magic of surfing and the ocean.

We are open 7 days a week 10am-7pm California time with the exception of major holidays. If you can’t make it by in person, our online store is open 24/7, every day. We can also take an order by phone at any time during normal business hours.

Surfindian. The art of surfing.

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