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Best Donut Shops Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon is a comfy place to visit, cloudy sky autumns and all. Nothing goes better with a cozy city than comfort foods to soothe the sweet tooth. Portland is home to a plethora of food carts and coffee shops and to complement this fact comes quite a few of the Pacific Northwest's best pastry joints - in particular, donuts!

YAHglobal took a bite of the best and dutifully reports the results back to you here on the Best Donut Shops Portland Oregon list.

Cops must have a field day in this town. 


Voodoo Doughnut Portland

22nd SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR

Voodoo Doughnut Portland

Voodoo Doughnut is nothing short of a tourist attraction in itself and for that reason you'll hear local hipster foodies complain that Voodoo Doughnut is overhyped and not as good as its counterparts in a town packed with hole in the middle pastries. We call B.S.! Voodoo Doughnut makes great donuts.

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Annie's Donuts

3449 Northeast 72nd Ave, Portland, OR

Annie's Donuts Portland Oregon

This traditional diner styled Portland donut shop is a real treat - simple layout, fast & friendly service, and a scrumptious donut menu.

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Steccato Gelato

232 Northeast 28th Ave, Portland, OR

Staccato Gelato Donuts Portland

Although a gelato joint, on the weekend Steccato brings in a master donut maker (that's marriage material right there) and the shop magically transforms. Because of this, there is nary a conversation about donuts in Portland that doesn't result in a mention of Staccato Gelato in the same breath.

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Delicious Donuts Portland

12 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR

Delicious Donuts Portland

Delicious Donuts crispy ridged Old Fashioned donuts are definite must haves but for certain you should order an official baker's dozen. In fact, we've put together the perfect order for you here - The YAHglobal Delicious Donuts Baker's Dozen

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