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Atlas Tattoo Portland Oregon

Atlas Tattoo Portland Oregon is one of the most, if not the most, reputable tattoo shop in the PDX. Their location inside of a hip heritage style home stands as a welcome beacon for those looking to get inked. Far from the more intimidating "hardcore" shops of Portland in aesthetic and artist demeanor, Atlas Tattoo is by no means soft on talent and professionalism. The crew is Atlas Tattoo is precise as can be with the needle but they are known for being patient with customers and dealing with first timer nerves. However they have a large client base of sleeved up regulars with nary a space of canvas left on their bodies so be sure to call Atlas Tattoo well in advance before you wander in hoping to get some work done on the spot.

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Bishops Barbershops Portland


Review pending. YAHglobal recently visited Bishops Barbershop Downtown Portland location. Check back soon for updates!

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3. 24 Hour Church of Elvis

Address : 408 N.W. Couch, Portland, OR

Phone : (503) 226 3671

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24 Hour Church of Elvis

If an ATM married a runaway circus fortune teller prop (ala the movie Big) and settled into an already "interesting" block in Old Town Portland and decided to perform weddings and give advice to those that donated coins into a slot - you'd have the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. We're pretty sure that's what happened. 

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