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Portland Tiki Bar Trader Vic's

Review pending. YAHglobal recently visited Trader Vic's Portland Oregon. Check back soon for updates!

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Hale Pele Portland

Portland is known for accommodating the tastes its diverse population by offering unique takes on it's shopping, dining, and even nightlife scene. For those with a penchant for polynesian cocktail treasures Hale Pele is the perfect remedy. This tiki themed cubby hole is the perfect tropical escape and a cozy blanket for those that get the blues in the cold Pacific Northwest autumn and winter and serves as the perfect complement to the warm springs and heated summers. Tiki bars can be a little overwhelming for some but Hale Pele keeps the cocktail menu and kitsch to a perfect level. Come to Hale Pele Portland when your mind begins to wander across the Pacific but your body can yet follow.  

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Horse Brass Pub Portland

Often referred to as an Irish Pub by visitors, the Horse Brass Pub Portland is actually a proper British Pub and is considered one of the best of its kind in America. The crowd varies depending on the day of the week and time of the day with the expected traffic flow of patrons on weekend nights and special sporting events. On some evenings you will find plenty of elbow room to chat with your bartender while on a Friday or Saturday night you'll be shoulder to shoulder with a hip crowd full of strangers that are soon to be friends and quite possibly end up becoming more than that with a member of the opposite sex should your beer tainted bar banter do the trick. The Horse Brass Pub in Portland is the perfect setting for those with an appreciation for old world style pubs, excellent beer, and a proper good time. 

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