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McMenamins Kennedy School Theater

Theater pubs are a common sight in Portland whereas in many other cities it would be considered a freakish anomaly. Portland has the McMenamins to thank for that as they've stamped their place in the city by offering up the most unique experiences the town has to offer. With four Portland locations there is a theater pub close enough to any visitor dwelling so be sure to kick back, relax, sip a specialty brew, and get to know the group sitting in the sofa next to you - oh, and enjoy the movie too.

If you could only pick just one theater pub anywhere then the McMenamins Kennedy School Theater is it. So much more than just a place to catch a show, the McMenamins Kennedy School Theater isn't just named to mimic a highschool - it actually WAS a highschool. The McMenamins purchased the closed Kennedy Highschool in Portland and renovated it into a hip hotel (classrooms for suites), bar (cafeteria), and movie theater (gymnasium). McMenamins Kennedy School Theater  and hotel/pub is one of the coolest set-ups we've ever come across in our travels and we demand that any first time trip to Portland include a visit to this attraction - the McMenamins Kennedy School Theater is yet another part of the effort to Keep Portland Weird.

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Laurelhurst Movie Theater

Review pending. YAHglobal recently visited the Laurel Movie Theater Portland. Check back soon for updates!

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