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Skydive Portland Oregon

Get an extreme bird's eye view of the Pacific Northwest by strapping up tandem (first-timers) to an instructor and flinging yourselves out of a perfectly good airplane into a free fall through the crisp air above Portland and the surrounding Oregon area.

The instructors at Skydive Oregon Inc are heralded for being patient with and accommodating to nervous newbies even after the 200 bucks has changed hands and most of all they instill confidence that you are in the safest of hands when catapulting downwards towards the beige and green and sometimes snow capped terrain below. The experience is also a spectator sport for friends and family that accompany you on this epic journey yet can't work up the nerve to jump too. The fields at the private Oregon Skydive airport are set perfectly for groups to gather and enjoy the show as companions check another item off of their bucket list.

Take the plunge the next time you're in Portland and give Oregon Skydive a shot at changing your outlook on life.

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