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Top Eateries Only The Locals Know About In Playa

When it comes to dining on vacation, everyone knows that the best places to grub down are where the locals go. They are the most trusted sources you can find. So we at YAH are doing our best to uncover these often kept secret eateries, so that you dont have to hide behind dark corners stalking the locals when they get off work, following 20 steps behind them just to find out where they spend their hard earned pesos.


El Fogoncito

30th Ave between 28th & 30th Street

El Fogoncito is open 24hrs a day, thus making it the perfect dining establishment for a town where the tourist based economy employs locals around the clock to cater to the needs of its whimsical visitors. Bartenders, restaurant workers, and other "after hours" citizens of Playa Del Carmen flock to El Fogoncito, not only for the simple fact that its open for business no matter the time of day, but for the fact that El Fogoncito actually recognizes how valuable this local support is to thriving in the economy, thus creating a delicious and affordable menu that ensures the local support will remain well in tact. The benefit to you as a visitor to Playa Del Carmen, is that they serve the same food to you as they do their valued local contingent, and THEY are the hardest critics you will ever find. Popular items include the fresh from the fire Tacos Al Pastor (Mexican pork gyro so to speak) and the very filling, unbelievably satisfying Tortas De Carne (Mexican meat pie). El Fogoncito is definitely a safe bet for wetting your palatte with the locals, whether you like your lunch at noon or at midnight.



30th Avenue & 20th street

Nativo is the furthest inland on this list, up Constituyentes and just off of 30th Ave North, basically away from the main tourist area of Playa Del Carmen, which is indicative to a heavier concentration of locals frequenting the establishment.

The exterior is a perfect representation of all that is small town Mexico, complete with big bags of oranges stacked on either side of the front door, palm thatched roofing draping overhead and a colorfully decorated surfboard welcoming passerbyers to come on in. You will be hard pressed to find a more authentic looking restaurant in the area.

Nativo's popularity with the locals has grown over the years, demanding expansion in order to accommodate the the continued influx of Playa Del Carmen's hungry citizens and the tourists that have been fortunate enough to stumble upon this eye cathcing eatery. The reason for this demand? Nativo is renowned for its fresh and filling fruit juices and smoothies, giving the public a place to socialize and sip on something other than coffee or cervezas. Of course their presence on this list tells you that they also serve authentic Mexican meals, in addiition to providing vegetarian alternatives, thus catering to the needs of all peoples in Playa Del Carmen.


Los Aguachiles

25th Ave & 34th Street

Well known for a menu on the nutritional, healthier edge of the taco spectrum, Los Aguachiles may unjustifiably be labeled by some as an upscale taco stand in opposition to the down, dirty and delicious hole in the wall alternatives with meat and cheese creations that we have grown to love. But the wide open patio area with classic plastic white patio seating and tables topped with cervezas welcomes you to come on in and find out that "healthy" is an alternative to clogged arteries, but not necessarily to taste.

We assume that because we are on vacation, stuffing our faces at every corner eatery, that the locals must be doing the same. But within about a half an hours worth of people watching we witness zero evidence of an obesity epidemic occuring in the area. The locals know both where to eat for a treat, and where to go to keep the blood pressure low (sorry, the rhyme was honestly unintentional). So consider making one or two of your vacation in Playa Del Carmen meals something that not only can your doctor and/or nutrtiionist can live with, but something that they will applaud, all the while joining the locals "in the know", for a clean living dining experience.