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Best Acai Bowl Honolulu Oahu

The Brazilian "super fruit" Acai berry has crossed the equator over to the North Pacific and landed on the Hawaiian Islands and within the hearts and diets of locals and all who come to visit. Acai bowls, when done right, are made from a brilliant frozen blend of Acai, banana, strawberry, granola, coconut and drizzled honey. They are in fast competition for becoming the most photographed Hawaiian island treat since shave ice yet won't weigh you down minutes after like a large Rainbow order from Matzumoto's. Instead, this natural energy-inducing antioxidant-packed bowl of goodness is considered the essential way to start a busy (work or play) day by many on Oahu.

Here are the Best Acai Bowls on Oahu


Haleiwa Bowls

67-92 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI

Haleiwa Bowls

In addition to having the best Acai bowls on Oahu, this roadside joint on Kamehameha has the best location (North Shore), best physical layout (palm thatched tiki hut), best staff (wide smiling local girls), best patio seating (wild chickens running amuck), and best regulars (celebrity surfers). Haleiwa Bowls is focused on one thing only - Acai bowls - so no other place on the island can compete with their perfectly blended, mountainous proportioned, and reasonably priced super bowl of super fruit.

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Sweet Home Waimanalo

41-1025 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI

Sweet Home Waiamanalo is another roadside Hawaiian country style establishment that deserves praise for its work with the Acai berry. This sustainable gathering place for 808 residents and windward travelers has gained national notoriety by a visit from Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) but it didn't need the airbrushed stamp of approval under its neon chalked menu board to claim one of the best Acai bowls on Oahu. You can taste the locally sourced freshness with each spoonful of the Acai bowl at Sweet Home Waiamanalo, accented sweetly by fresh squeezed apple juice blended in and topped with a drizzle of natural island honey.

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Aloha Table Waikiki

2238 Lauula St #2, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI

Aloha Table Waikiki Acai Bowl

One would not expect a back alley Waikiki Beach eatery that opens around noon to serve one of the best morning meals around. However Aloha Table Waikiki has always surprised those that walk up the stairs to dine on its second floor patio which basically stares at a blank wall. The Acai bowl at Aloha Table Waikiki is an unexpected delight, served freshly blended in a wide and deep bamboo bowl - perfectly filling yet so delicious that you wish it was bottomless. If more visitors knew about this Aloha Table offering the line-up at (frozen) Yogurtland on Kalakaua Avenue would not likely be so long each hot and sunny early afternoon in Waikiki.

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Island Vintage Coffee

2301 Kalakaua Ave, Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki, HI

Also on the second floor (but with a much better view!) and around the corner from Aloha Table is the biggest line-up one will ever find for an Acai bowl on Oahu. Island Vintage Coffee, a local coffee chain, is just as popular for its Acai bowl as it is for its Kona coffee specialty beverages (best espresso in Waikiki!). If you show up at the right (wrong?) time this Royal Hawaiian Center hotspot will have you waiting nearly 30 minutes for a bowl of blended Brazilian berry but it's worth it. If lines aren't within your tolerance threshold simply entertain yourself up and down Kalakaua Avenue until you see the queue ease up and you'll have a bowl in hand in no time.  As a chain establishment, you can count of the consistency of Island Vintage serving a quality Acai bowl every time so make this your regular go-to stop when staying in Waikiki when you have Acai on your mind.

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Stay tuned for new additions to this Best Acai Bowls on Oahu list. The "super fruit" is sweeping the nation and new establishments will be offering their take on it over the months ahead. If you have discovered an unforgettable Acai bowl on your Oahu travels please send your recommendation to to keep the taste test going.