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Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Waikiki Review

How to Get Free Stuff by Sitting Through a Wyndham Time Share Presentation in Waikiki

Last year we wrote a comprehensive review of the Just Dreams "Not a Time Share" Vacation Club in Waikiki. We provided couples with a foolproof strategy on how to get the best offer (freebies!) from the street sales rep, how to get through the presentation without losing your mind, and how to plot your escape in time to enjoy your free activity/rental.

To follow up that article YAHglobal recently infiltrated the popular Wyndham Timeshare Presentation in Waikiki in an effort to provide readers with guidance on how to score a free meal and some extra spending money (yes - actual money!) by sitting in on the famous Wyndham sales pitch. We do not intend to speak ill of the timeshare offering in itself. But this article is for those that are simply looking to earn some free vacation goodies by sitting in on the brief Wyndham presentation.


1. Where to "Get Found"

Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Waikiki Lewers Street

The Wyndham reps will catch you and your better half (they target couples only) as you walk along the Lewers Street portion of the Waikiki Beach Walk. This is the shopping and dining row where you'll find Roy's, Ruth Chris, and Cheeseburger in Paradise across the street from their booth. Before entering Lewers Street be prepared for this adventure. As with all of these timeshare deals the sales reps have names like Chip or Jimbo so as to disarm your suspicions. How could a guy named Jimbo steer you wrong? Walk casually passed the Wyndham sign (pictured above), pause to look up at the property, and feign curiosity. That's all they need to call you over so you can learn more. Now it's time to play the game and see what you can score from the street rep.

2. What You'll Get for Free

Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Waikiki American Express Card

Wyndham is certainly more professional that the Just Dreams schtick. You won't have as much leeway to bargain for a whole lot as far as scoring free island activities however their free offerings are more tangible and practical - food and money to spend where you wish! You'll be offered a free breakfast/lunch buffet at the Shorebird Restaurant & Beach Bar (located at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach) - without question the best buffet spot in Waikiki. But don't just accept that. Your rep will follow up with a $125 gift, preloaded onto an American Express card. In Waikiki practically every cafe, eatery, store, and activity center accepts AMEX so it is as good as cash and can be used the second it's activated. To accept the offer you need to book a time for the presentation. Select the AM one if available so that you can enjoy the free Breakfast at the Shorebird, attend the meeting (held immediately after), and be on your way to spending your $125 bucks! They require a $20 deposit to ensure you don't skip out after the meal, which is promptly returned after the presentation.

3. Bring the Kids

If you have them, bring them on the day of the presentation. Their restless nature is the key to getting out of there as soon as you've logged the required 120 minutes. There is a supervised playroom for the kids at the presentation center so they actually tend to have a good time and you won't feel like you're neglecting them.

4. Presentation Day Arrival

Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Waikiki Outrigger Reef

Your rep will have advised you as to the time you should show up for your free buffet meal at the Shorebird - an hour and a half before the presentation check-in, so no need to rush. You have time to digest. After enjoying your Shorebird buffet head down the lobby of the Outrigger Reef on the Beach where the Wyndham desk is found. After checking-in your rep will introduce his or herself - expect to be charmed by this charismatic individual. They are chosen for you according to the information that the street rep (Jimbo!) gave them, so don't think it serendipitous that they have similarities to you as a couple. If you have a 6 year old daughter, they have a 6 year old daughter. The Wyndham sales rep pool is deep, they have someone to match the personality of every couple that passes through.

5. The Presentation Intro

The Wyndham timeshare presentation is easier to get through than many others of its kind. You are not placed in a gloomy classroom setting while sitting through an hour long monologue before being handed off to the "closer". Instead you sit around a cozy bistro table with a view of the pacific nearby and speak one on one with your pleasant sales rep. Within minutes you've already exchanged life stories, gotten some great advice on things to do on the island, and are most likely chuckling together as if you've known one another for years. You've been disarmed. Proceed with caution.

6. The Presentation

Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Waikiki Suite Review

Once you dispensed with the pleasantries with your new found friend their sales binder and preloaded iPad presentation come out. For the next 45 minutes you get to learn that Wyndham timeshares are unlike any other. They are sympathetic regarding your existing prejudices against the timeshare concept because the industry has been abused for so long, taking hapless retirees and young families for a ride that never pays off. Of course Wyndham is an answer to all of this, right? And with all of the statistics, facts, figures, associations, and photos of happy couples enjoying the program they may very well be telling the truth. The first lap of the presentation concludes as you are whisked away by your sales rep to "see for yourself". You are taken to the expansive Wyndham property along Lewers Street where you are given VIP access to a suite, along with the other couples in the presentation center that arrive in waves. The suite, property, and amenities on display are certainly impressive and its prime location steps from world class dining, shopping, and beachfront access is the biggest selling point. It's a shame that this property, the one they use to "seal the deal", has already been sold out. The other Wyndham Waikiki property is a few blocks away, convenient, but not as convenient as the one which is a kukui nut throw from the beach.

7. The Presentation Wrap Up - How to Get Away

After the suite inspection you return to the presentation center with your sales rep who now has visions of commissions dancing in their head. You are seated while they depart to crunch the numbers to build a program that works around your specific needs and budget. This gives you enough alone time to talk things out amongst yourselves and for one half of you to deprogram the other that may have bought into the whole sales pitch. The rep soon returns with a customized program. If you've prepared your "this isn't for us" face the rep quickly picks up on it and brings in the big guns - a cocksure sales manager that has an answer for everything, and the ability to slash the price so low that they "don't make a penny" on you. Considering that the initial offering comes in at over $30,000 dollars  (yikes!) the sales manager is called in more often that not. Your plan to leave with a "We'll think about it" does not fly here. This offer only exists "until you leave the premises", which may or may not tell you that it is indeed time to leave the premises. Inform the rep and manager that you simply cannot commit to such a big financial decision without thinking about it for a few days to see if you can move some money around ("admitting" to credit rating concerns will also help you in this situation). Since their offer becomes void as soon as you leave, they have no choice but to concede.

8. Departing

Your broken hearted rep (cancel Christmas?) will take you to the sign-out area where a last ditch effort (by a third party) is made to keep you interested as you complete a survey as to why you are not interested in the program. It turns out that the "voided" offer can be resuscitated if you buy just a small portion of the timeshare program at a fraction of the $30,000+ price tag. You may try it out for a year, and then decide to buy into the lifelong program at the conclusion. At this desperate point you realize have likely made the right decision to leave and you no longer feel bad for your sales rep. You may now easily decline this final attempt at which point your $20 deposit is returned and your $125 AMEX card is activated and handed over. Not a bad payday for two hours of your free time.

9. Parting Thoughts

To be honest, the Wyndham timeshare does seem to have its merits. For those with the disposable income and no urgent need to see a return on the big initial expenditure it may, or may not, make sense. That's not our call. What we do know is that for a great buffet at the Shorebird Restaurant & Beach Bar and $125 bucks we left the breezy two hour presentation with full bellies and money to play with - well worth the experience.

Have you done the Wyndham timeshare presentation in Waikiki? Leave a comment via Facebook below - we'd love to hear about your experience!

Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Waikiki Review