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Address : 2365 Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki, HI @ Moana Surfrider Hotel
Phone : (808) 923 3831

ABOUT Ukulele PuaPua

Ukuleles hanging on wall at Ukulele PuaPau - Sheraton Waikiki

Ukulele PuaPua was established years ago as an online shop and a small retail store in Waikiki. Since then, Ukulele PuaPua has expanded both as an internet store and a retail store. We carry wide variety of high quality ukuleles, many of which are made here in Hawaii. We also carry imports from Japan, Europe, and all over the world. Our customers are as diverse as our ukulele selections, ranging from novices who are about to try strumming for the very first time to professional ukulele players. Our inventory is well stocked with excellent instruments available year round. We are confident that you can find the ukulele you've been looking for by shopping at Ukulele PuaPua. As one of the very first online shops specializing in the ukulele, we've been satisfying enthusiasts all over the world since our inception.

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YAH Says...

Ukulele PuaPua

Ukulele PuaPua is exactly how a ukulele shop should be - friendly, fun, and employs a staff that is willing to bear with visitors in town to pick up their first real ukulele (not counting the cheap models you nab in souvenir shops) who don't bother to read the ”ask staff for assistance before handling the instruments” sign before plucking a $3000 handcrafted masterpiece from its wall hanger. You are greeted with an authentic Aloha smile and “Howzit!” when entering Ukulele PuaPua with no care if you have a trail of sand following your well worn slippas (flip flops) fresh from Waikiki Beach. Other unnamed ukulele shops in the area can feel a bit more pretentious if such a thing can be said about a place that sells the funnest sounding instrument on the planet next to the kazoo (without the irritation). If you are there to simply browse then feel free to say so, if you are a newbie looking for a beginner model feel free to say so, if you are looking to upgrade to the next get the idea. Either way, the staff at Ukulele PuaPua shines with aloha spirit and will steer you in the right direction without pushing an expensive model on first time strummers. The variety ranges from affordable entry level pieces that both look great and serve their purpose to highly collectible items with price tags into the thousands. They also carry books on ukuleles (from history to song books) accessories such as tuners and cases and decorative souvenirs.

Ukulele PuaPua's Sheraton Waikiki hotel location holds free ukulele classes at 4pm daily so you can learn how to tune before torturing anyone with your next bonfire acoustic. We've witnessed (read: guilty of) passengers returning from Hawaii attempting to serenade fellow fliers with their newly purchased carry-ons on the way back to the mainland who clearly have had no formal training much less a free lesson, which almost caused undercover Air Marshals to read the riot act 30,000 feet in the sky.

Ukulele Pua Pua is the most visitor friendly ukulele shop in Waikiki and one of many places to stop by for a audio sensory taste of pure island fun.

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