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Shopping in Oahu Honolulu The Gathering Place, HI

Martin & MacArthur

Sheraton Waikiki, 2255 Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki

From Management  Koa goes mobile. Our exclusive iKoa cover is made with solid koa that has been carved and shaped to fit the iPhone 4/4S. We use our private stock of beautiful Koa wood from the Big Island. Our design is made in two parts that snugly fit on the top and bottom of the iPhone 4/4S.

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Description : ABOUT Ala Moana Shopping… view more

YAH Says : Ala Moana Shopping Center… view more

Ala Moana Shopping Center Honolulu

Waikiki is often a surprise for first time visitors to Oahu, especially when it comes to the plethora of shopping available on this South Pacific island. Ala Moana Shopping Center Honolulu is of no exception to this island retail phenomenon and it does it's best Mainland Mega-Mall impression with four floors of shopping bliss for ones so inclined. Those looking for a quiet island escape be warned. From high end boutique shops to big chain stores and household necessities, Ala Moana Shopping Center Honolulu has it all. On a positive note for those averse to spending hours swiping credit cards and carrying bags for your companion, Ala Moana Shopping Center has a pretty solid foodcourt to escape to for a snacking good getaway and is also the city's major bus transportation hub connecting The Bus (oahu's public transit) to all points around the island. You could actually disappear on a 4 hr round trip journey to and from the North Shore with your preoccupied shopping buddies being none the wiser.

Ala Moana Center

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Description : ABOUT Martin and MacArthur Honolulu… view more

YAH Says : Martin and MacArthur Honolulu… view more

Martin and MacArthur Honolulu

Martin & MacArthur is a high-end retailer/manufacturer of fine Hawaiian home decor. Their work with native Hawaiian wood, KOA makes for some of the most beautiful, not to mention sturdy, home furnishings in all of Hawaii. You may rethink any post modern contemporary interior design ambitions you may have when you walk into Martin & MacArthur, as your imagination runs wild with visions of accenting your abode in the vain of ancient Hawaiian Ali'i.

View more on Martin and MacArthur Honolulu on our Authentic Hawaiian Products feature.

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Description : ABOUT Global Creations Haleiwa… view more

YAH Says : Global Creations Haleiwa Global… view more

Global Creations Haleiwa

Global Creations Haleiwa is the perfect place to pick up something for your home and/or office, that will catapult your senses back to Hawaii when you experience those fleeting moments of being "stuck" back on the mainland, overseas or simply in your cubicle somewhere, anywhere but here. The store is a perfect stopping point along Kam. Hwy, made for browsing regardless your purchase intentions (you will find it impossible not to pick up something) with a more than welcoming staff that is happy to provide you a quick lesson on the arts of the area.

The interior is lined with beach themed art, photography, home decor, music, literature, bath & body, clothing & accessories and of course hand crafted ukuleles by master Mr. Emil Bader. All items are curated with true Hawaiian authenticity in mind. Global Creations Haleiwa is the ultimate beach decor store.

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Description : ABOUT Royal Hawaiian Center… view more

YAH Says : Royal Hawaiian Center It… view more

Royal Hawaiian Center

It may be tricky to figure out which stores actually make up the Royal Hawaiian Center and which stores are simply fronting the general open-air establishment along Waikiki's famed Kalakaua Avenue, we can safely say that the Royal Hawaiian Center is a very popular destination point for visitors to Waikiki. Around the clock they can be found passing back and forth on a frequent basis for shopping, dining or simply to kill time. One of the most enticing features of the Royal Hawaiian Center is found within its beautiful design, decor and ambience that it exudes. The four floors of open island air accented by the plucking of ukulele or steel guitar strings (on the sound system OR even live) beckons passer-byers to venture through, even just to browse. Our recommendation for soaking it all in would be to head up to the second floor and grab a Hawaiian Latte at Island Vintage Coffee, which overlooks the courtyard of the Royal Hawaiian Center where more often than not there seems to be a live band playing, a hula demo, or at the very least offering some great people watching entertainment.

The Royal Hawaiian Center is so much more than a collection of retail, it is a place of gathering on an island literally known as The Gathering Place.

Looking for a bigger shopping mall experience on Oahu? Check out Ala Moana Shopping Center, located in just a 5 minute drive from the Royal Hawaiian Center.

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Description : ABOUT Kona Mountain Coffee… view more

YAH Says : Kona Mountain Coffee Waikiki… view more

Kona Mountain Coffee Waikiki

The Kona coffee bean itself has launched an entire industry of souvenir shopping on the Hawaiian islands. Sure one of the first things people do on their inaugural morning after arriving at the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is to saunter through their hotel lobby in search of a cafe so they can start their visit with a sip from the smoothest bean in the world. That's a given. But as the days pass these hoards of malahini (newcomers) and frequent visitors plot their return to the mainland with a carry-on bag packed full of product born from this Big Island delicacy. If this is you, and you're in Waikiki, then Kona Mountain Coffee (and Chocolates) is where you need to find yourself.

Kona Mountain Coffee shop is not a cafe, but a retailer that sells everything related to this famed cupping competition award winning export. The aroma coming from the store lures you in, so beware (in a delightful way). Obvious items for sale include bags of beans to bring home for brewing along with assorted varieties of chocolates either encasing the bean or accented by its rich flavor. Less obvious but extremely popular souvenirs include t-shirts, brewing accessories, handbags made from Kona Mountain plantation sacks, and the plantation sacks themselves which people are known to frame and hang on their walls back at home.

The location within the famed Hilton Hawaiian Village makes a visit to the shop a sightseeing pleasure so no need to feel obligated if you're just into browsing - they'll even offer you small samples of their chocolates and beans. However if you're seeking gratitude from friends and family back at home then your return to them bearing the gift of this island endemic souvenir will have them owing you favors for months.

End Notes: If you end up on the Big Island be sure to take one of these Kona coffee plantation tours. If you're looking for the best fresh cup of Kona driven espresso in Waikiki then visit Island Vintage Coffee.

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Description : ABOUT Hawaiian Accessories Main… view more

YAH Says : Hawaiian Accessories The koa… view more

Hawaiian Accessories

The koa wood accented interior of Hawaiian Accessories perfectly complements its location within the like toned Outrigger Waikiki hotel found just off of Kalakaua Avenue.  In a land full of "Made In China" knock-offs, Hawaiian Accessories is a retail home to authentic Hawaiian goods for the home and/or body, made by local Hawaiian artisans. Whether you are a fan of replica tribal weaponry, decorative carvings, or jewelry and accessories inspired and made in true island design, Hawaiian Accessories is a wonderful place to browse and buy.

Our "must buy" pick from Hawaiian Accessories? A koa/mango combination outrigger paddle - gorgeous!

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Description : ABOUT Island Slipper Store… view more

YAH Says : Island Slipper Store No… view more

Island Slipper Store

No matter what you call them - flip flops, sandals, or slippers - there is no shortage of this open toe/heel footwear on the island. However all too often mainland visitors pigeon hole them as something to be picked up from the discount bin, worn ragged on the beach, and disposed of before their return flight home. But any true purveyor of island life knows that slippers can be worn year round, business meetings and semi-formal affairs included, as long as you're pedicured accordingly. Island Slipper has been ohana owned and operated from Oahu for many decades, delivering comfortable yet exquisitely designed slippers that are island styled enough to deem them high-end souvenirs. Some of their soft yet sturdy leather conceptions are so inspiringly themed that they could be displayed on your wall under glass and a koa wood frame. Stop by their convenient location within the Royal Hawaiian Center then hit Kalakaua avenue and the Waikiki Beach walk with a renewed sense of confidence, style, and comfort.

Island Slipper Store

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Description : ABOUT Under the Koa… view more

YAH Says : Under the Koa Tree… view more

Under the Koa Tree

Under The Koa Tree is located in the heart of Waikiki's shopping and entertainment district across from the Royal Hawaiian Center and Sheraton Waikiki on Lewers Street on the second floor before Ruth Chris steakhouse if you are walking towards the beach.

This store is vibrant, friendly, reap with variety, and extremely informative if you inquire about anything within, especially Hawaii's favorite "building block" Koa. What you will soon learn is that although many shops on the island claim the inclusion of authentic Koa wood when securing Hawaiian made creations for their store, much of this comes from Phillipine Koa or others not specifically indigenous to Hawaii. The difference can be seen within the texture and richness of the dark caramel and reddish toned wood, with superiority lending towards the South Pacific island trees. Staff at Under The Koa Tree will point you in the right direction (inside of their walls) if you are looking for works that are not only handcrafted by local Hawaiian artisans, but have been made from pure regional materials as well.

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Description : ABOUT Maile Niu Aloha! … view more

YAH Says : Maile Niu Maile Niu… view more

Maile Niu

Maile Niu Hawaiian Wood Carvings are about as authentic as you can get when it comes to bringing back a souvenir from your time on Oahu. Maile Niu's workshop is based out of the garage of his home along Kamehameha Highway. Find the workshop as you make your way north from Waikiki along the Windward side of Oahu through Kaneohe, as you approach Kualoa Beach Park. Directions aside, Maile Niu is hard to miss considering the large Tikis ceremonially guarding the front of his home, surrounded by a congregation of other wooden works that range from mahogany knick knacks to koa masterpieces, all of it expertly handmade.

Don't let the rough exterior (complete with scurrying field mice and clouds of sawdust) of the workshop fool you. The works created by Maile Niu are worthy of placement in any fine arts gallery in Hawaii. Even though there are some very affordable pieces available for those looking for a basic roadside souvenir (tikis, jewelry, accessories, etc...), you can drop a few thousand dollars in a beat if you have your heart set on acquiring some of Maile Niu's most prized creations. Popular items include the replica Hawaiian weaponry found about the shop with price tags into the hundreds, justified immediately upon inspection as one witnesses the painstaking detail exquisitely carved into the handles. Customized works are also on display, awaiting shipment to their respective owners to be. This incites visions of personalized creations that one can acquire from Maile Niu if a reasonable price can be agreed upon. One must remember the talent and hours that go into creating the carvings so try not to haggle too much. The years – if not generations – spent admiring the items on display within your own home will pay for itself ten fold.

At the very least, stop by Maile Niu Hawaiian Wood Carvings when en route route to and from the windward side of Oahu to browse his inspiring wood work. For those of you that are indeed budding or long standing aficionados of authentic island art, Maile Niu will either have what you are looking for or can create a masterpiece for you.

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Description : ABOUT Growing Keiki Growing… view more

YAH Says : Growing Keiki Growing Keiki… view more

Growing Keiki

Growing Keiki is the best place on the island for parents, aunties, uncles or anyone so inclined to pick up something unique for the infant or toddler in their lives. It's never to soon to fall in love with the ocean and Growing Keiki will help turn any land locked pip squeak into a full blown surfer boy/girl by offering up its eclectic variety of childrens books, toys, clothing, souvenirs and assorted knick knacks all skewed with the great blue sea in mind.

If you have a little keiki in your life, they certainly deserve an island present from this local Haleiwa town shop.

Need some ideas on what to do after your shopping spree at Growing Keiki? Check out our list - How to Spend 24 hrs on the North Shore of Oahu!

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