Hawaiian Cheesecakes
Address : Farmers Markets, Honolulu, Oahu, HI
Phone : (808) 282 3442

ABOUT Hawaiian Cheesecakes

Hawaiian Cheesecakes

Hawaiian Cheesecakes offers New York style cheesecakes w/a tropical twist. Hawaiian

Cheesecakes uses only locally sourced ingredients in all of their cakes and toppings, resulting in a unique visual and culinary experience filled with Aloha.

Where to find Hawaiian Cheesecakes

Hawaiian Cheesecakes can be found at local Oahu farmer's markets and special event sites. For current market locations and times please visit Hawaiian Cheesecakes' market schedule

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YAH Says...

Hawaiian Cheesecakes

We first came upon Hawaiian Cheesecakes during SPAM Jam Waikiki. At this point in our travels through the Hawaiian Islands we had practically sampled every possible SPAM based concoction around. So we walked through SPAM Jam generally nonplussed about the culinary aspect of it all, simply enjoying the crowds and activities of the festival. Then we saw the Hawaiian Cheesecakes stand. They had been on our periphery from all of the local farmers markets we have attended over the recent years but never ventured over for a sample. Hawaiian Cheesecakes caught our attention this time (SPAM Jam) because they were offering up their take on SPAM - The Hawaiian Cheesecake as it was dubbed - NY cheesecake topped with maple syrup and SPAM. Sold. We tried it for the novelty but fell in love immediately.

The gimmick may have sold us on the first purchase but the perfect delivery of authentic New York cheesecake flavor let us know that these guys were serious. After SPAM Jam we began to follow Hawaiian Cheesecakes diligently around the island, stalking them as they appeared at the local farmers markets. On each visit we sampled each of their flavor offerings. We already knew their traditional variety was on point but we were blown away when we dove into their Liliko'i (Passionfruit plucked from Kauai, Oahu, or the Big Island), Strawberry (Maui and the Big Island), and our absolute recommendation - the Big Island Coffee - an unbelievably rich cheesecake accented with coffees from Kauai, Oahu, and of course the Big Island (is that Kona we taste?!).

Hawaiian Cheesecakes sell the best cheesecakes on Oahu. Hunt them down when in town.

Hawaiian Cheesecakes

Hawaiian Cheesecakes

Write-up and photos by Marcus Maraih - Editor. Follow Marcus on Google

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