Waimea Valley Oahu
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ABOUT Waimea Valley Oahu

Waimea Valley Oahu

One of last partially intact ahupua‘a on O`ahu, Waimea Valley consists of 1,875 acres and has been a sacred place for more than 700 years of Native Hawaiian history.

Waimea, “The Valley of the Priests,” gained its title around 1090 when the ruler of O‘ahu awarded the land to the kähuna nui.  Descendants of the high priests lived and cared for much of the Valley until 1886.

As part of a cooperative conservation land purchase, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs acquired the property in 2006. In 2008, Hi‘ipaka LLC was established to manage Waimea Valley and hold the deed.

Waimea Valley Oahu - Highlights:

Waimea Valley ActivitiesSeveral activities (with paid admission) are offered at 10 am, 11 am 1 pm and 2 pm including History Walk, lei making and hula lessons. 

Waimea Valley's Ancient Hawaiian Archaeological Sites78 sites of interest have been identified including religious sites and shrines, house sites, agricultural terraces and fishponds.

Waimea Valley Botanical Collection - The 150-acre Botanical Collection contains more than 5,000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants including native and endangered Hawaiian plants.

Waimea Valley Wildlife - Several native and endangered birds including the ‘alae ‘ula are found in Waimea. All five species of o'opu, a native freshwater fish can  be found in Kamananui Stream.  Because Waimea Valley is home to so many endangered plants and animals, we do not allow any domestic animals to be brought in.  This includes birds, cats and dogs, with the exception of properly certified service animals.

Waimea Valley Culture - Visitors to the Valley are invited to participate in several free activities (with paid admission) including Lei Making, Kapa Demonstration, Hula Lessons, Hawaiian Games, and Crafts, Music & Story Telling with Kūpuna.

Waiki at Waimea Valley - An attraction of great interest and enjoyment is the Valley’s 45-foot waterfall. Waihï is approximately 3/4 of a mile from the park entrance booth.

Waimea Valley Refreshments - Ku‘ono Waiwai, the Valley’s retail store, showcases the work of North Shore artists and Hawaii crafters of locally made products. The Valley’s on-site concession services uses locally grown, made-in-Hawai‘i ingredients for local dining at its best.  

Waimea Valley Oahu - Management Notes

Hi‘ipaka LLC is a nonprofit company created to nurture and care for Waimea Valley and holds title to the land. The Valley was purchased by a partnership between the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the City and County of Honolulu, the Hawaii State Department of Land Natural Resources, and the U.S. Army.

Waimea Valley is deeply rooted in Hawaiian history and continues to be a respite for Hawaiian spirituality and traditions.  Hi‘ipaka LLC is a nonprofit, limited liability company created to nurture and care for this treasure.

As stewards and employees of Hi‘ipaka LLC, we will strive in our daily responsibilities to Waimea and its host culture, to celebrate and share a vibrant and living Hawaiian culture with the world.  We welcome you to the living pu‘uhonua of Waimea Valley.  Let us honor and perpetuate Hawai`i’s past, steward our present and plan for a prosperous and healthy future.

*Text from Waimea Valley Oahu website (images by YAHglobal)

Waimea Valley Oahu Heiau

YAH Says...

Waimea Valley Oahu

Waimea Valley Oahu is a lush green park with deep historical roots that are very important to Hawaiian culture and religion. For visitors, the valley is a place of solace where they can escape the busier tourist trappings of Oahu and simply enjoy a walk through the expansive botanical gardens, exploring vegetation both rare and unique to the islands. For most, the highlight of the experience is the waterfall found at the peak of the hike where a pool below reflects tales of healing waters used by ancient Hawaiians. When the falls are calm, visitors are allowed to swim in the pool and at times there are professional cliff jumpers on site, plunging into the cool surface below to the delight of onlookers.

While most of natural Oahu is open to exploration at no expense, there is a $15 admission fee for Waimea Valley due to the historical significance and the need to allocate funds towards preserving this important piece of Hawaiian culture. While the cost is certainly justified, many visitors will want to check ahead of time if the falls are open for swimming since this is a main attraction for many. A few disappointed faces can be seen on those trekking back from Waimea Valley when the conditions don't allow for a dip. For those that can't get enough of green scenery and history to boot, Waimea Valley will not disappoint.

Side note: One of the most interesting attractions at Waimea Valley Oahu are the ancient tiki grounds - the heiau - found at the park entrance where the "Hale o Lono" - House of Lono - built between 1470 A.D. and 1700 A.D., stands as a shrine to one of ancient Hawaii's four main gods. You can view and photograph this attraction without paying the entry fee and is thus worth the hike up to the valley in itself.

Waimea Valley Oahu - Hale o Lono

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