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Best Places For Women To Drag Their Men For Punishment


Sorry to say, but this list is not about S&M. We're pretty much rated PG here at YAHglobal.Com, most of the time. Instead, this itemized list represents the places that women can drag their boyfriends, boys who are friends, or husbands when they have misbehaved. Now we don't intend to be sexist towards the guys in this here list. We do acknowledge the fact that there are those XY chromosones out there that can shop til they drop with the best of them. Plus, there is a growing trend that finds the Mani-Pedi no longer belonging to the fairer sex. However, for the most part the average male, the "man's man" or even the horribly monickered "Joe 6-Pack" (created by hopefully soon forgotten Vice Presidential Ex-Candidate) cringes at the thought of spending more than 3 hours at any retail venue that does not involve items that require multiple 3 pronged powerbar plug ins. Nor do they put their feet up for anything other than placing them on a sofa or makeshift ledge as chair of some sort.

This list is for the women that have to suffer through that lack of "support" day in and day out. So if he's been a bad boy, or its your birthday, or just a Tuesday and you've got torture on the mind, drag him along to these fine establishments. You never know, he might like it...especially the Mani-Pedi.


Fashion Island

401 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach


Fashion Island is a Shopaholic's retail Mecca. The stores are definitely skewed more towards the better half of our species with only a few places for the average guy to run into for solace (Apple Store, Borders, etc... well, not much of an "etc..." actually). With multi leveled department stores Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Macy's and a bevy of boutique shops scattered about the maze that is Fashion Island, shoppers should plan for a 6 hr stay in order to do the trip properly.


Fella's, you must have done a very bad thing to get yourself into this situation.


South Coast Plaza

3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA


While not located directly in Newport Beach (which is the only reason its not number 1 on this list), South Coast Plaza represents all that is high end fashion in the Orange County area and is probably responsible for many false missing persons reports regarding shoppers that wandered in, never to be seen again that day, only to be found the following sunrise in the Bloomingdale's dressing room passed out from exhaustion.


Men have been spotted on mall benches with the heads hanging to their laps with a single tear pouring down their cheeks as they check their watches for the umpteenth time wondering if they have been completely forgotten about. Guys, yes you have.


Pure Blu Spa - Marriott Newport Beach

900 Newport Center Drive


We're kind of cheating on the list by adding Pure Blu Spa. It ties into number one as Pure Blu is located within the Marriot Hotel and Spa found right across the street from first place finisher, Fashion Island.


Your itinerary is this; Book a full night at the Marriott Hotel & Spa along with one of their many spa packages available to suit the needs of you and your guy (his "needs" to be determined by YOU). Spend the afternoon "in treatment" then whisk him away on a 2 minute walk to, you guessed it, Fashion Island, where you can spend the remainder of the day/evening/night in retail heaven. He should be fairly sedated from the Spa experience, thus lowering his resistance and subsequent ability to talk you out of any "unreasonable" purchase, if there is such a thing as an "unreasonable" purchase.