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Best Public Bathroom In NYC (seriously)


We've done lists about "not-so-public" bathrooms. It's also not that uncommon to find "Top 5" or "Best of" itineraries about hotel and restaurant lavatories throughout North America. However, a true public bathroom, one that is not found within the confines of a business, is often overlooked because few dare to venture into such portals of unmentionable activity for anything more than an unmentionable activity, where upon conclusion, one leaves as quickly as possible without one single thought of looking back. Thats why so many of us lose keys, cell phones, wallets, umbrellas and other items doomed to be left behind on counter tops of these public amenity structures. Our concentration is upon efficiency, getting in and out as fast as possible, eyes undiverted with nasal passages automatically clenched.

We caught wind of the Holy Grail of public bathrooms from our insider in New York and we almost dismissed this topic of consideration until curiosity got the best of us and requested pictures to back up the claim. The attachment opened up into what could only have been a mistake. Were we mistakenly sent a photo of an Upper West Side Yoga Studio bathroom or perhaps that of a trendy new diner? Nope. It was the real deal. A public bathroom worthy of its own classification. That is why you will not find a number past "1" on this "Top/Best" article for New York City. There can be only one...


Bryant Park Public Bathroom

Bryant Park, 42 Street between 5th and 6th Avenue



Bryant Park Bathroom


The winner of this prestigious title goes to Bryant Park's public bathroom. The park is already a major draw, bringing in both tourists and New Yorkers alike. Bryant park is especially known for attracting the business district's lunch crowd where you will witness a sea of loosened ties, blazers, and pant suits carrying brown bags and coffee cups to go. From a linear perspective, we suppose this is what created the necessity for the maintenance of perhaps the world's greatest outdoor pit stop, en route back to the office.


The public had long ago deemed Bryant Park's bathroom as they best outdoor facility that had ever seen, but in recent times, CINTAS Corporation decided to hold an official ballot to determine the world's (North America in actuality) numero uno public "domain" of the sort. Political controversy seemed to find its way into the race for the title. We suppose this is unavoidable since the two topics, politics and toilets, go hand in hand. Bryant Park unjustly found itself in the number 3 spot, behind two facilities that were in fact indoor (one of them being a luxury hotel). To include an outdoor bathroom in the same category is nonsensical, but we suppose that to even come in 3rd against lavatories within an address speaks loudly about the quality of this New York City park amenity.


So what makes Bryant Park's public bathroom so great? First off, the exterior is sublime, designed to match the nearby New York Public Library. Upon entry, you are treated to the scent of fresh flowers on display at the crossroads between the mens and the womens rooms. More flowers, along with a full time attendant greet you inside, and again, the scent from the flora and counter top oils is so unexpected that you actually take a deep breath, a concept completely foreign to anyone entering such a place. Spotless electronic "seats" with automatic flushing let you know that you can handle your business without wrapping your hands in protective tissue at any point in time, while hand washing is a refreshing experience as the soaps are never watered down and like everything else within, exquisitely scented. The only thing that lingers in this bathroom, is you. Its not often you see someone taking photos of this experience, but at Bryant Park public bathroom, don't be surprised to see the flash go off more than once here. You may want to dress accordingly in case you end up on public display in someone's flickr account photo album of "best bathroom ever".


Bryant Park Public Bathroom Bryant Park Bathroom