Saturdays Surf NYC
Address : 31 Crosby Street, SoHo, New York, NY
Phone : (212) 966 7875

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Saturdays Surf NYC

ABOUT SoHo Location

In August of 2009, Saturdays opened its flagship store in SoHo as New York's premier downtown surf shop. Determined to suit a lifestyle occupied with surfing, living and working in New York City, Saturdays began selling boards and wetsuits as well fine art and other lifestyle accessories. Today Saturdays designs and produces its own menswear line that has become synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and traditional style.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:30am - 7pm Saturday-Sunday 10am - 7pm

Map of Saturdays Surf NYC SoHo Location

ABOUT West Village Location

In June 2012, Saturdays Surf NYC opened its doors at the corner of Waverly and Perry in New York’s West Village as the brands third location. 

The upfront espresso bar at the West Village location features their own blend of La Colombe coffee, brewed by some of the best baristas in the city. Benches indoor and out provide a place for customers to hang out, while others browse the selection of unique graphic tees, casual wear, swim trunks, surfboards, and lifestyle accessories.

Store Contact

17 Perry StNew York, NY 10014


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:30am - 8pm Saturday-Sunday 10am - 8pm

Map of Saturdays Surf NYC West Village Location

Saturdays Surf NYC Backyard Cafe

Saturdays Surf NYC Backyard Boardroom

YAH Says...

To be considered a surf shop you must contain the following ingredients:

- Smell of neoprene and board wax.

- Have grains of sand scattered about the shop floor, even after the closing shift thoroughly vacuumed.

- Half of the shop's customers should consist of groms hanging around the store for hours on end even though they haven't spent a penny.

Saturdays Surf NYC doesn't fit any of the above.

Yet we can't quite group them in there with the Hollister crowd either. Sure they have a location in SoHo and another in West Village, but somehow Saturdays Surf NYC (SSNYC anyone?) manages to keep the soul of surfing in tact, not so much with the branded tees and accessories, but by the fact that their carry legitimate hardware - boards shaped by real local surfboard shapers - and is operated by a core group of East Coast chargers. The store is admittedly fun to browse and after visiting countless of the more typical surf shops as described in the above requirement criteria we have to say the SSNYC keeps things fresh by offering a different take on surf culture which love it or hate it, has grown out of its Endless Summer grass roots and into, well, the likes of SoHo. We could actually envision them setting up shop one day in Pacific Beach next to upscale surf art shop Surfindian in San Diego on Mission BLVD.

Saturdays Surf NYC is as hipster as can be but it just may have the staying power to grow and outlast the other shops capitalizing on the popularity of surf culture. Another big plus is the coffee shop hangout located at the back of the shop where on any given day, while enjoying an espresso in the midst of Instagrammers taking pics of their java and fashion bloggers tapping away on their screens, you can actually overhear whispers of glassy offshore perfection, 3 wave sets, hurricane swell, and puntable rights, if you have an ear for it.


Saturdays Surf NYC Crosby Street SoHo

Saturdays Surf NYC

Saturdays Surf NYC Espresso Bar

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