Make My Cake Harlem
Address : 121 St. Nicholas Ave, Harlem NY
Phone : (212) 932 0833

ABOUT Make My Cake Harlem

Make My Cake Harlem

The Make My Cake Harlem baking journey began decades ago and is based on family recipes and the cultural heritage of service and excellence practiced by our* beloved matriarch, Josephine Smith, affectionately called "Ma Smith". Her recipes combined the southern baking traditions of Mississippi and Alabama with Harlem soul. Several generations later, we continue to uphold the legacy that "good taste" still runs in our family.

Make My Cake Harlem

Evolving from a home-based business, over 15 years ago, that only sold holiday cakes, we were compelled to address our customer demand by expanding the business to several full service retail and wholesale bakeries. Our family has managed to set the baking world on fire growing Make My Cake into a global sensation which draws thousands of worldwide visitors seeking the ultimate "red velvet cake" and various other heavenly desserts to Harlem. At Make My Cake, we serve our sweet creations like Food Network favorite - German Chocolate Cake, New York Times pick - Red Velvet Cake, and local favorite - Sweet Potato Cheesecake to the fans which flock to our bakeries daily.

Make My Cake Harlem

The national exposure has served to affirm the success of our beloved Ma Smith. Our family team of Jo-Ann, Aliyyah, Kevin, Dedan, Khalid, along with our personable staff are dedicated to making each customer smile one sweet tooth at a time.

Make My Cake Harlem

Make My Cake Harlem - Second Location

2380 Adam C. Powell Blvd (at 139th St.) Harlem, NY

Make My Cake Harlem - Hours of Operation

Sun 9am - 7pmMon to Thu 8am - 8pmFri 8am - 9pmSat 9am - 9pm

Make My Cake Harlem

Make My Cake Harlem makes event and seasonal based cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and more!

*From Make My Cake Harlem management website

YAH Says...

Make My Cake Harlem

You salivate the minute the door chimes behind you as you step into Make My Cake in Harlem NYC. The quaint butterscotch and pink frosting toned bakery cafe feels more like a fairy tale, so much in fact that you wouldn't be surprised to find Hansel & Gretel tucked away somewhere around back, except they'd be safe and sound inside of this house built from a foundation of chocolate, red velvet, buttercream, cream cheese, and sprinkles.

Absolute must-try's (if you don't have room to take one of each back to your home or hotel) are the Red Velvet Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese & Toasted Pecans, a Seasonal Fruit Pie (depending on the time of the year that you happen upon the establishment), and without question you can't visit without sampling the local favorite Sweet Potato Cheescake which surprises your tastebuds with a wave of flavor that changes from first bite to the sweet aftertaste that beckons you to return for more, as soon as possible.

Make My Cake is not just one of the best bakery cafes in New York, it is an official foodie attraction of Harlem.

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