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Best Jazz Clubs In New Orleans


Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro
626 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans


30 years worth of soul soothing jazz and regional cuisine combine to create the coolest atmosphere in New Orleans. Snug is tucked into a renovated 1800's building just outside of the famed French Quarter. The venue makes for the perfect triple threat. The Dining Room packs you in early to browse a Creole heavy menu of steak, seafood and sandwiches, while the dark wood and brick designed Bar Room serves as mingling segue to the grand finale two floored Music Room where the smooth sounds of sax, piano, bass, and percussion lull you into sweet submission and sets the tone of intimacy amongst the close quartered crowd within. Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, although fairly spacious as an establishment, feels as snug as can be and whispers sensually into your ear "Welcome to New Orleans baby..."


Spotted Cat Music Club
623 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans


Across the way from Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro is the Spotted Cat Music Club, another staple in real New Orleans Jazz & Blues music. Where Snug is dark, slick and sexy, Spotted Cat is lively, hip and one cool feline of a jazz club with live music echoing through it's walls from open to close. You'll find all kinds inside of the Spotted Cat with a crowd that can span 3 generations on any given night without anyone looking out of place at anytime. Everyone is all grooves and smiles and they all share one thing in common - a love for great music.


Fritzel's European Jazz Club
733 Bourbon St, New Orleans


Fritzel’s is found in the heart of the French Quarter along Bourbon Street and has been home to traditional New Orleans Jazz since 1969. The early 1800’s building packs in an older crowd but anyone can walk on in and see them swinging with the best of them as top notch musicians from around the world of jazz inject energy into this storied establishment. Be sure to request your favorite song from the house band and you’ll hear it played like you never have before to the tune of banjo and trumpet. The main floor is small but cozy and a great place to share elbow room with a new found friend. You may want to be prepared as Fritzel’s is one of the last remaining places to allow smoking, although we admit it adds to the atmosphere when you see a piano player with his top shirt buttons undone and a loosened tie, a glass of whiskey sitting atop his instrument and a half smoked cigar hanging loose from his lips. It doesn’t get much more authentic than that.


Preservation Hall
726 Saint Peter Street, New Orleans


Preservation Hall was built as a private residence in 1750 and it doesn’t look like it’s been touched or renovated since and that’s exactly as it should remain. The well worn and weathered front doors alone tell tales of a multitude of decades passed, before and after it opened as a jazz hall in 1961. When the rusted black metal gates are opened after 8pm patrons passing through the water stained walls hung with art and photos depicting the legends that have played within know they are in for a treat for all of their senses. The hall packs to capacity almost every night but there always seems to be room for one more and once the band kicks in, all eyes and ears are focused on the musicians, some who have been playing since the establishment opened it’s doors over 50 years ago. Preservation Hall, for all of its wear and tear, is a beautiful place and aptly named as the truest form of old school jazz that you can find in New Orleans if not the world.


Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club
1931 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans


Sweet Lorraine’s has been in business for over 30 years and has a deep rooted history within the New Orleans Jazz scene but still manages to feel modern and without question exudes more cool than the comforting air conditioning within on a hot summer New Orleans day. Located on the edge of French Quarter, Sweet Lorraine’s remains a pillar in the community and packs in crowds, and musicians, from all over the globe. The club seats over 200 people without losing the tiniest element of sound with a state of the art system unrivaled in a venue of its type in the city. The soothing music and atmosphere lure you in while the dinner, martini, and wine lists keep you longer than you planned, or is it vice versa? No matter, Sweet Lorraine’s is a mainstay in the New Orleans jazz scene and will continue to be so for many years ahead.