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Best Voodoo Shops In New Orleans

Voodoo Shops in New Orleans

Voodoo - Whether you regard it as fun pop culture folklore, or something you speak of in only hushed tones, or even a topic you dare not whisper at all in fear of repercussion from agitated supernatural forces, voodoo (we've said it twice now...God help us) is a major part of the cultural history of New Orleans and carries an aura that visitors find absolutely intriguing. While we dare not send anyone traipsing through the backwoods and swamps of New Orleans in an effort to uncover the secret practices of this religion of sorts, we have no issues giving you a shrunken heads-up as to where you can find voodoo shops in this mysterious Louisiana city. Be sure to visit these retail haunts should you be in the market for commercialized paraphernalia such as a quirky skulled key chain, a potion made to work its magic on friend or foe, and of course for the most popular item - the quintessential voodoo doll. All in all, these stores are simply fascinating places to wander on in and browse while in New Orleans and you may even get the chance to hear an authentic voodoo priestess talk story about this underground practice. One word of advice, don't tick off the store owner or you may find a sales tagged replica version of yourself, pins stuck in uncomfortable places and on display upon your next visit to the shop.

Best Voodoo Shops in New Orleans


Marie Laveau's Voodoo Shop

739 Bourbon, New Orleans

There could be no mention of Voodoo Shops in New Orleans without mentioning the name Marie Laveau. Marie (born 1794) and daughter Marie Laveau II (born 1827) are often confused in accounts of the history of voodoo in New Orleans but both were influential and renowned practitioners of the religion and served as figureheads in a time that both plantation workers and aristocrats sought our their guidance and remedy for ailments, and perhaps other less than honorable requests.

The Maries Laveau Voodoo Shop is a retail homage to the voodoo queen and priestess of New Orleans. The outside sign and old rustic exterior doorway lined with “dolls”, charms and symbols either welcome you in or have you scurrying past quickly after glancing uncomfortably within what could be a fun shop or point of no return depending on how you look at it. One thing is for certain though, Marie Laveau's is one interesting shop with every imaginable knick knack related to the supernatural, some items such as mugs, shirts and souvenirs simply serve as great anecdotal “show & tell” aids to bring home and show your friends or provide as gifts while others are more purposeful in nature. Everyone's favorite, or feared, selections are found within the handcrafted collection of Voodoo Dolls available at Marie Laveau's. Most “pre-determined” ones are simply good luck charms for the home but customized ones are available and tailored to your “purpose”. We recommend visiting Marie Laveau's Voodoo Shop when in New Orleans for good natured fun, but whatever happens afterwards is in your hands!


Erzulie's Voodoo Shop
807 Rue Royal, New Orleans

While we may assume that most voodoo dolls and spells are born from the scorn of a broken heart (we are not talking from experience of course), Erzulie's is all about love. Erzulie in fact, is the Voodoo Goddess of Love, Passion, Beauty & Prosperity so one can expect a whole different vibe when stepping into a store that looks more like the room of an eccentric princess with its Pepto Bismol tones and heart and flower paraphernalia everywhere. Erzulie's is where you go if you can use a little help in finding the love of your life or at least to find the one you have at home more bearable, and ultimately just to see a clearer path to love your own life even more, and we could all use a little of that.


Voodoo Authentica of New Orleans
612 rue Dumaine, New Orleans

Voodoo Authentica is more of a cultural center (it says it on the sign) than your "typical" voodoo shop and feels more like a celebration of the arts than a retail ode to taboo subject matter. They host many events in the area and welcome everyone in to learn more about the history of the religion versus simply trying to sell you trinkets, although there are plenty of potions, spells, candles, rituals kits and voodoo dolls to choose from. There are also other interesting options available within such as jewelry, spa care and art work for purchase as well as ritual performance, readings, and spiritual work & consultations all provided by an experienced team of in-house practitioners. Voodoo Authentica is a one stop shop of all that is voodoo.


Reverend Zombie's House Of Voodoo
723 Saint Peter Street, New Orleans, LA

Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo is what you would expect from a New Orleans Voodoo shop - the unexpected. This place is one of the most photographed and looks like a set lifted directly from a Rob Zombie film. The store front and interior make you feel they way you do, if you are someone who dares, the moment before entering an actual haunted house. Its not really about what you buy when you visit Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo, its more about what you may take with you...and what follows you home.

Scary fun!


Have you uncovered any Voodoo Shops in New Orleans that you feel deserve placement on this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We'll investigate, but if we don't return, it's your fault.