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Address : 9706 Barataria Blvd, Crown Point(Marrero), Louisiana
Phone : (888) 30SWAMP

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Back in 1989 my dad, Ray Walker, asked me to help him fix up an old pontoon boat that had enough seating for six people. He found a place for a swamp tour boat to dock in the small fishing village of Crown Point. He bought a van, made a single page brochure and began operation. He started the swamp business, south and west of the French Quarter of New Orleans. In the beginning, he sometimes had to pick up passengers and then be his own captain. That was our beginning.

My name is Milton Walker Jr., and I got my captain's license and started doing tours with my father back in 1993. Around 1995, he traded in two small boats for larger swamp tour boat that seated 60 passengers. A year later, he got a second swamp tour boat. In 1999, I took over the Swamp tour business with two vans & two tour boats.

Since then, we have expanded our business to a full service tour company. We have our own Transportation Company with eleven minibuses and vans. We offer 3 hour New Orleans/Katrina tours, Tours of the Oak Alley or Laura Plantation and Swamp Tours. We have Swamp Tours by: Swamp Tour Boat, 16 passenger Airboat & 6 passenger Airboat. We also have Ghost walking tours of the French Quarter. We can help fill some of your available time while in New Orleans.

We are a local, family owned business from the beginning. Since we are not a big corporation, our business depends on a quality experience. You will be given first class treatment from the beginning to the end. We pride ourselves on being the best that we can be. Ninety Nine percent of the guests that come on our tour, tell us that our tours was the highlight of their visit to New Orleans' French Quarter. With all the attractions that there is to offer in the city of New Orleans, that tells us we did a good job!

YAH Says...

So you’ve done Mardi Gras, the Jazz Club scene and stuffed yourself full of Creole and Cajun to your hearts content. You’ve done the New Orleans “thing”, so what’s next? Take a tour of Louisiana Swamp Lands! Call it an environmental eco-tour if it makes you feel more mature, but seeing crocodiles, snakes and other river bound creepy crawlies brings out the kid in you, excited boys and shrieking girls alike…and vice versa.

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