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Coolest Architecture In Miami

Not only is Miami a naturally scenic phenomenon with its photographically stunning coastline and palm tree laden sandy shores, it is also home to some of the coolest architectural creations inspired by a combination of sources; caribbean, latin american, pop-art-deco, post modern contemporary mumbo jumbo, etc.... What this all means is that you the sightseer will be treated to a visual symphony at every corners turn, be it in the form of a hotel/resort, lifeguard tower, bridge or business district. For the casual observer, Miami's concrete, plastered and painted erections (Warning: there is a pun en route in the next sentence) are inspring. For those with a keen interest in architecture and engineering, the experience will be nothing short of orgasmic.


7 Mile Bridge - Miami To Key West


The 7 Mile Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks, attractions, and architectural creations in all of Miami. It is also a necessity for anyone wanting to get to Key West without flight or boat options at their disposal.


The 7 Mile Bridge is the one you see in every movie or TV show based in Miami. The camera pans out when either introductory or closing credits appear on the screen or at some point in the film while our protagonist is chasing the antagonist along this freeway over the sea. At some point a vehicle will flip over the side and into the ocean and a high speed catamaran style boat will zip by under the water legs of this elongated roadway. Awesome.


The scenery along the drive from Miami to and from Key West is second to none in Florida, with the bright sun illuminating the coral reef, further accenting the turqoise tones of the ocean. Head next door to the old 7 Mile Bridge, an architectural achievement in it's own right that was damaged beyond repair during the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, to walk out and enjoy this view without whipping by at 55 miles an hour on the current Keys connector that tops this list of the "Coolest Architecture In Miami".


Colony Hotel

736 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach


The Colony Hotel makes for yet another one of those "I've seen this before but don't know where"  photographs and is a part of what makes Miami so visually legendary. Renovated to its art deco glory in 1939, Colony Hotel gives guests the luxury boutique experience, a nice departure from the big box resorts in the area, while keeping them grounded on the white sands of South Beach. We can't recommend a better place to see and stay to get the real deal Miami feel.


14th Street Lifeguard Tower

14th Street (ocean front...obviously), South Beach, Miami


As made clear by the existence of this "Coolest Architecture In Miami" list, Miami is home to world famous structures, right down to the smallest detail. One of the said small details is the design applied to Miami (South Beach) lifeguard towers. Apparently the damaging impact of Hurricane Andrew of 1992 created a reimagining of these coast front hubs of public beach safety. A consistent theme here lends to the suspicion that the contractors, architects, engineers and interior designers of Miami have some sort of deal going with the variously named hurricanes of the Florida coast.


Nonetheless, since 1992, lifeguard towers along this admired 8 mile stretch of Miami sand are renowned for being the most creative in the country, even if its a simple pastel colored paint job that makes it so. Our personal favorite is the supposedly retired (although we did see activity within) 14th Street lifeguard tower. Eitherway, we can think of no better way to do a tour of architecture in the area to pick your favorite.


Port Of Miami Bridge


The award winning designed Port of Miami Bridge is yet another passage way ranked as a top architectural wonder in Miami. This one takes the cake for it's lighting scheme that screams "Miami!". Visit the Port of Miami Bridge at night to witness 60 flood light fixtures and metal halide lamps, just under 200,000 and 1000 watts respectively, illuminate the bridge in purples and blues from all angles and enhance the Miami skyline. Roll down the windows, or take the top down, on your vehicle, select the "Miami Vice Soundtrack" playlist on your i-Pod (you know you have it downloaded somewhere) and feel the warm breeze against your skin. You are so cool, never forget it.


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami


For a moment, forget the whole art deco movement so prominent in Miami and take a time machine to Italian Renaissance with the 1914 creation, the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. This villa/museum boasts 34 rooms decorated with unique art spanning from 15th to 19th century inspirations while the gardens are lush and maze like making for quite the tour of the exterior. The Vizcaya is a pleasant break from the neon and pastel that makes up most of Miami.