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Top 5 Photo Opportunities In Mazatlan

Mazatlan may not be as "gifted" with attractions shaped by mother nature in comparison to some of its Mexican counterparts, but it more than makes up for it in man made creations. Don't get us wrong, it is a beautiful and at times breathtaking place, but Mexico is a large and diverse land and seascaped country. Not everyone can come in first, second, or third place in that area. Rest assured that your trigger finger will see plenty of action when it comes to your camera's zoom and click functions. The list below takes you indoors and outdoors, on hikes or casual walks, and will leave you both excited and contemplative on your journey through the "Pearl of the Pacific".


Continuity Of Life Fountain

La Continuidad de la Vida is Mazatlan's largest monument. For those with an appreciation for history and culture, this fountain is one of deep meaning. The shell that our fine couple stands upon represents eternal life within the universe while the playful dolphins stand in as symbols of being at one, or harmony, with nature. The male, arm outstretched out to the ocean's horizon, points towards a bountiful future for himself and companion. Whether under the bright sun by day or strategically lit at night, the Continuity of Life is an artistic rendition that truly needs little, if no explanation.

We hate to "go there" but, for our less than "polished" readers, of whom we can never turn a blind eye to (half of our demogrpahic!), you can see the obvious potential for "snicker worthy" photos at the, umm...posterior, of this monument. Just try to get a little culture in while having your fun, ok?


Cathedral Of Immaculate Conception

Old Mazatlan

Regardless your religious affiliation, or lack of, the Cathedral Of Immaculate Conception in Old Mazatlan is worthy of your visit. The exterior is a sight to behold but the interior is so breathtaking that you will need to take a seat. Its a good thing there are plenty of them around. Although attending mass can be an event in itself, we recommend coming during quiet time, sit for awhile in contemplative silence while admiring every corner of this 1899 built masterpiece, and then plot out your photo expedition. Varying by the time of day, the sun reflects through the numerous stained glass windows creating textures and colors that dance upon the golden statues and ornaments throughout the church in a manner than can rarely be duplicated from picture to picture.

One extremely unique focal point, and juxtaposition, within this catholic monolith is the Jewish symbol, Star Of David, found in the top windows of the cathedral. The story here is that during construction, with costs impeding the process of building, that a reputable Jewish family in the community donated a significant amount to the Catholic church to help complete the cathedral. This generous display of setting differences aside was rewarded by the inclusion of the Star Of David at the apex of the Cathedral Of Immaculate Conception. Make sure you seek out and photograph this point of interest, which will make for a great anecdote when showing friends, family or adding comments to your photo album. You'll appear to be a true steward of historical yarns. 

If located in the "centro", the main square market area of Old Mazatlan, you will be able to hop on any bus to the Cathedral.


Angela Peralta Theater

Carnaval Street near Plaza Machado

You don't have to attend a show at the Angela Peralta Theater to go inside, although we do recommend it to get the full experience. Otherwise, feel free to go by during any reasonable time of day and you will be sure to find a guide outside offering to take you on a tour of this beautifully restored historical landmark and tribute to the Mexican operatic soprano Angela Peralta, for only a couple of U.S. dollars. 

The interior will bring forth visions of centuries past, powdered wigs falling on the shoulders of aristocracy sitting up high in balcony seating while the cities cultured patrons flood the floors below in anticipation of the opera to begin. That was then. We heard a rumor that Marilyn Manson is performing there next week.



After names like "Continuity of Life, "Cathedral of Immaculate Conception", and "Angela Peralta Theater" taking up the top 3 spots you may feel a little inundated with history and culture here, so number 4 "FiestaLand" just may give your head a break and encompass what you came to Mazatlan for in the first place. Depending on your tastes of course.

FiestaLand is nightlife central in Mazatlan, and serves as the most recognizable photo of the region. The best scene takes place post sunset but if you are in town for a whole 7 days, make sure you capture the most frame worthy moments on Sunday at 8pm when they put on a fireworks show that lights up, in full color, the otherwise white walled exteriors of FiestaLand and the glistening ocean surface below.


Clavadista Divers Rock Point

Acalpolco is home to one of the most recognized cliff diving spots in Mexico, but Mazatlan's Clavadista Rock Point is probably more treacherous, or at least appears to be on film. The water is fairly shallow considering the height of the jump off, thus divers wait for a passing wave with enough size on it to hedge the impact somewhat. The rock and walkway formation protrude enough that a straight fall down would be result in a ride to the hospital and possible ceremony a week later. What this all means is that if you angle the photo just right, viewers will swear that the diver has no chance as making it into the white washed ocean below. 

Although divers are seen frequently throughout the day, should you happen upon this site with no one around it will still make for an impressive photgraphic impression as the classic sun lit white terrace sits perfectly out of place atop of this natural rock formation. 

Clavadista Rock is fairly close to the Continuity of Life monument so you can check these two off your list within the same timeline before working your way through the middle three.