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Best Mazatlan Watering Holes To Mingle With Locals


What could be better than collecting groups of friends from all around the world in your favorite travel destinations AND forming long term, family tie type of relationships with these individuals to the point that you always have a place to lay your head when visiting these foreign lands? Imagine no longer having to spend countless online hours trying to find a deal within your budget and having to settle for dates that dont fit your life/work schedule or itinerary. Imagine not having to coordinate travels with those select few you know at home, everyone having conflicting schedules themselves making it a virtual obstacle course or gauntlet in the way of getting to your destination of choice. Instead the freedom is yours to take off solo and on a whim to go see friends in that very same destination. Well, Mexico is one of the best places in the world to find those amigos. The people of Mexico are some of the warmest, accommodating, and welcoming individuals around, if you let them be (learn some spanish!). Whats the best case scenario for ice breaking conversation leading to long term relations? Sharing cervezas at a local watering hole. So download your favorite spanish to english translator app and head on down to one of these neighborhood canteens while in Mazatlan.

All you have to do now is shmooze with flight attendants (bonus!), pilots, baggage people, airport maintenance, or anyone affiliated with a major airline in order to score a good deal on flights and you're pretty much set for $5/day travels for the rest of your life.

"Buena Suerte!" ("Good Luck!")


Latitud 23

401 Playa Gaviotas, Golden Zone, Mazatlan


Latitud (minus "e") 23 Restaurant Bar, is located in the Golden Zone of Mazatlan and is named for its GPS/GoogleMap position in Mexico, which is appropriate since it is without question the location most frequented by those that live within those same coordinates. Given that it is located in the Golden Zone, the tourist hub of Mazatlan, most everyone (employed or otherwise) speaks enough english to get by quite well. For those struggling with the local dialect but still want to mix it up with Mazatlan's finest in a wide open party atmosphere, Latitud 23 is the place to find yourself on the map.


Mango's Restaurant & Bar


On top of serving the best mango margartitas in the area (they better be with that name), Mango's is a great place to Tango with local Amigos. Latin Dancing is the feature of the night, every night, at Mango's and if you cant find a partner of local persuasion or otherwise, a staff member may just join in to lend an hand, or full body, and give you so much salsa that you'll feel like a tortilla chip. In fact, the staff is the biggest reason for inclusion on this list. Consumately friendly with service performance beyond the call of duty, you are just as likely to hit it off with an employee at Mango's as you are with a patron.  


Mr. Tony's

Camaron Sabalo Avenue, Mazatlan


The problem with some bars that cater to a predominant local demographic in a foreign country is that you may be left feeling out of place by both the staff "No hable ingles. Veta De Aqui!" (Google translate it) and those in attendance. Well Mr. Tony's Bar in Mazatlan is known for being the go to place to avoid a heavy influx of vacationing gringos BUT welcomes them in with open arms should they venture on in. So basically the local "over it" crowd at Tony's congregates here to avoid all the hoopla that comes with being a major tourist destination but will give you kudos-a-plenty for seeking out an authentic Mazatlan nightlife experience for yourself.


Photo: Apparantly our YAH Travel "Team" couldnt be bothered to bring a camera to Tony's so if ANYONE has a better photo, please send it on over to Gracias Amigos!


Senor Frogs

Av. del Mar s/n,cCol. Palo Prietov, C.P. 82000, Mazatlán 


Why do people assume that because an establishment is a well known franchise, located in a tourist driven economy with a solid tourist base that locals don't go there? We at YAHglobal.Com are also guilty of excluding such venues when creating lists about local favorites because of those three facts, so allow us to break the barriers of this separatist social (corporate) injustice. Sure Senor Frogs lures in tourists like a flies to a bug zapper, or lightening quick frog tongue for the sake of an obvious pun, but it also attracts a large local following in Mazatlan. As a local, wouldn't you want to go and witness the "gong show" of drunken passporters? Its better than the 3-D IMAX experience for them, so do your part to support entertainment value options for the citizens of Mazatlan and come on by Senor Frogs.


Mambo Cafe


Authentic (to the region) live music in an authentic looking venue almost always means that local support will be out in force on a nightly basis. Mambo Cafe is also quick to break out the party balloons (are there "non" party balloons?), so how can you not make friends in that kind of atmosphere? Therefore we suggest brushing up on both your spanish AND balloon animal making skills. If you whip into a giraffe balloon making frenzy, who wouldnt want to be your best friend? No one, that's who!