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Best Waterfalls In Maui


Blue Angel Falls

Ula'ino Road, Nahiku - East Maui


Aside from the standard water cascading down from a cliff “thing”, if water cascading down from a cliff is ever standard, Blue Angel Falls in Nahiku, East Maui is one of the most popular and scenic for the fact that the Falls and pool below are further accented by its ocean front property as opposed to being tucked into a mountainside, feathered by lush foliage. Floating in the cool Blue Pool of this waterfall is about as harmonious as it gets as the view and sounds of the Pacific slapping against the volcanic black rock surrounding you lets you know that you are somewhere that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.


En route to Hana you will find the mostly unpaved Ula'ino Road a 1/4 mile beyond mile marker #31. Drive to the end of Ula'ino for approximately 3 miles, park and walk along the rocky shoreline to Blue Angel Falls.


Seven Sacred Pools (O'heo Gulch)
Highway 31, Southeast Maui


Mother Nature went Feng Shui with the Seven Sacred Pools of O'heo Gulch, seemingly placing them in a succession that could defy the most vivid imagination of any water color painting artisan. Starting approximately 2 miles inland, the Pipiwai Stream feeds the series of waterfalls that flow and fall one after the other, creating pool after pool of cool fresh water that serves as a relaxing (when not jam packed full of weekend visitors) bath to anyone floating within, especially closest to shoreline where the scenery screams “screensaver!”.



Heading south from Hana, take Highway 31 just past mile marker #42 (coastal side) where you will find a parking lot. Signs will direct you to the hiking trail down to the stream path and succession of waterfalls.


Wailua Falls

Hana Highway, East Maui


Visible from Hana Highway, Wailua Falls drops over 200 from a lushly decorated cliff into the vegetation below, creating a fresh mist that feels like spa therapy if you only take the short but somewhat slippery hike to it's moist base.



Wailua Falls is found seven miles south of Hana at mile marker #45


Waimoku Falls
Highway 31, Southeast Maui


Waimoku Falls is the largest in Maui and is one vision you have to work for. You must follow the same stream that tops the above mentioned Seven Sacred Pools and take the Pipiwai Trail on a 4 mile (round trip) hike 650 feet high to experience Waikmoku in it's 400 foot dropping splendor, with the waters pouring into a pool of boulders below. The rocks found their way there from the same reason that suggests you do not stand directly under this waterfall as more than water makes its way down from the peak of this natural attraction of Southeast Maui. Due to the distance, be sure not to embark on your journey if anywhere near sunset and prepare (bottled water, etc...) as anyone would be advised for such a long hike. 



Following south along Highway 31 from Hana, the parking lot and trail for Waimoku Falls is located past mile marker #42 on the coastal side of the road. Signs are in place to point you in the right direction. Expect a 2.5 to 5 hour total trek depending on your penchant for stopping to “smell the foliage”.


Three Bears (Waikani) Falls

Hana Highway, East Maui


During the right time of day and with enough rainfall, Waikani, or Three Bears Falls, can look like a scene from a fairy tale as the sun peaking through the vegetation reflects off of the three streams that run down the slopping cliff into the pool below. This location is popular for a very good reason and is one of the most cliched and adjective ridden waterfalls in Maui. Three Bears is a photographers dream.



Take Hana Highway towards Hana (big surprise) and stop between mile markers #19 and #20 where you can park and follow the trail.