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Maui Ukulele Festival

Our editor attended the Maui Ukulele Festival years ago and now he won't stop strumming around the office. Aside from the risk factor of having an attending co-worker, friend, or family member with no musical inclinations suddenly catching the Ukulele bug, your experience at the Maui Ukulele Festival will be a magical one.

The Valley Isle's best put on a display of brilliance on the tiny instrument that plucks the most recognizable island sound around. With 2013 being hosted by Roy Sakuma and featuring the tunes of musicians Ohta-San with Nando Suan, Uncle Richard Ho'opi'i and Na Palapalai, guests at the Maui Ukulele Festival best prepare to have sweet Aloha whispered in the ears.

As far as us stuck back at the office - not so much.

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Ulalena Maui Theatre

Review pending. YAHglobal recently visited the Maui Theatre. Check back soon for updates!

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