Coconut Glen's Big Dumb Ice Cream Stand
Address : Mile 27, Hana Hwy, Maui, HI
Phone : (808) 979 1168

ABOUT Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Stand

Coconut Glens Ice Cream Stand Maui

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Coconut Glen's organic and vegan coconut ice cream  is handmade in Maui. Using only coconut milk and native fruits each flavor has a thoughtfully designed combination of tastes from the island. From a small ice cream stand with a big flavor. Get a taste straight from Hana highway's 'big dumb' coconut stand. 

Coconut Coconut - creamy coconut with caramel coconut candies 

Coffee Toffee - coffee and cream with sweet toffee chunks 

Chili Chocolate Chipotle - smokey and sweet with a little heat 

Lilikoi Dreams - a delicious infusion of passion fruit Banana Rum Raisin - sweet bananas with spiced rum and raisins

Coconut Glen's Maui by Shayla Middleton

*From Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Stand website

YAH Says...

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Stand

While any ice cream sounds appetizing after winding along the sun scorched Hana Highway, Coconut Glen's is an essential stop no matter if you or your passengers are screaming for ice cream or not. The big dumb "sign" swelling out from the brush upon arrival is the subject of many Hana Highway photographic adventures alone, which unfairly lures in unsuspecting passserbyers that think they actually have caloric willpower. The menu does the talking from there on in. Coconut Glen's Ice Cream is born from pure 100% locally grown coconut. Forget the fact that its vegan friendly and the rest of that sustainable hoopla, this haupia tinted ice cream is unlike anything you've sampled. Ben n Jerry's be damned and marooned on the Mainland for life because Glen has changed the game. In its pure form the ice cream is fresh, creamy, and coconutty but when the menu gets creative you're in for a real sweet tooth treat. The Coconut Coconut and Coffee Toffee are unbelievably ono and you must be sure to grab some coconut candy for the road because as you travel further along Hana well passed the time Glen's has closed for the day your taste buds will demand another fix and you had better be prepared to accommodate. 

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Stand Maui

Coconut Glen's Big Dumb Ice Cream Stand is yet another part of what makes it so difficult to leave Maui. You simply can't find anything like this anywhere else.

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Stand Maui


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