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Top 5 Photo Opportunities In Cabo


There are few truly awe inspiring things left in the world, but Cabo San Lucas appears to hold the rights to many of them. Over countless centuries the pacific ocean molded both a landscape and community into dare-to-say perfection at the end of the Baja Peninsula. Somehow this all occurred close enough that it can be reached in a one days (albeit long and possibly treacherous) drive from the state of California.

Some may argue that Cabo has been spoiled by the spoiled rotten of the world, as it often serves as an all inclusive 7 day play home for the rich, famous, and upscale elitist. New properties are being bought up, built and devloped in the blink of an eye to cater to their needs. Many activities that one could suggest are essential to a complete "Cabo experience" are far out of the price range for most of us. However, the varied landscape, deep history and friendly local community ensures that Cabo can be seen in its truest form, perhaps more so than for those stuck in the all inclusive bubble and predetermined tour group itinerary, by anyone with a hankering for adventure. And that "Cabo", can be captured exquisitely on film, regardless the number of stars beside the name of your hotel or price tag that accompanied your camera.


The Arch


To borrow from a certain epidemically well known fast food franchise, Cabo San Lucas is home to the true “golden arch”, minus the plural. The Arch, or affectionately known as Lover’s Rock, is found outstretching from Lover’s Beach into the ocean at Land’s End, the southern most tip of Baja California. During low tide you can walk right up, sandy toes lapped by the rising and receding salt water, and pass right under this majestic stone bridge. Whether you catch the view at sunrise, midday, or sunset, the light bouncing off The Arch makes for a photo that can rarely be rivaled in Cabo, all of Mexico, or even the world. Bold statement but bankable. There are many tours or boat services available that can take you from “Main Town” Cabo San Lucas, such as Cabo Sails or Cabo Day Sails found in YAHglobal.Com’s Activities section. 


Lighthouse of the False Cape


You come across this sand dusted historic lighthouse, also known as Faro Viejo, when crossing over the golden dunes of Cabo San Lucas. If you didn't know it was there, you may be inclined to turn and run upon first sight. It can be pretty eeire as it sits there in solitude with nothing but a wide open pacific ocean as the backdrop and vacant space to its left, right and foreground, basically telling your subconscious that there will be no one to hear you scream, dare you enter the premesis much less walk up to its front "door" for an inspection. This runs through your mind until a group of tourists, a family consisting of husband, wife and two and a half children zip by on their ATV's yelling in vacation ecstasy. Don't let THAT bother you and thus take comfort in the fact there is now no risk of bandito or paranormal ransom for your person. The 500 foot above water, 360° view makes for an amazing montage of Cabo San Lucas with the obvious focal point being this monument to a time of where the site of it was solace for ships that passed along this coastal protrusion.


Go north along highway 19 until you reach Km 2 and take a left on the dirt road to Cabo Falso (False Cape).


San Jose Estuary

20 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas


Bird watching gets a bad wrap, even (especially) by us, that is until we decided to take our overly exhausted selves, after days of partaking in Cabo San Lucas' more strenuous activities (some involving extensively logged time at the hotel bar), and try something a little more relaxing. San Jose Estuary offered that down time we were looking for. Kayaking through this ecological reserve was the pace our bodies needed while the aforementioned bird watching, via guide book, was meant for some sarcastic fun. The experience was everything we expected, minus the sarcasm. Cameras in hand, our crew proceeded to take snap shot after snap shot of the exotic birds found in the San Jose Estuary, going down a check list the guide provided with the prize (bragging rights) going to whomever knocked off said list the quickest. It became an ecological game of punch buggy but with wildlife in place of VW's. We would have called it punch birdie but declined in fear that PETA would misunderstand the concept and come hunting for us. The long story short (is it too late to say that?), is that we wholeheartedly recommend going to San Jose Estuary while in Cabo and create your own "spot the...(insert creatures - native to the area - of choice)" game. You'll have a blast and learn something valuable about the environment while you're at it.


Hotel California


If backstory was the main component to making this list then Hotel California would win top spot. Most (all) of the baby boomer generation, Eagels fans (not the NFL team), and hip 30-40 somethings will know about the hoopla surrounding name "Hotel California". The popular 1976 Eagels song spawned waves of speculation of where this mysterious point of no return hotel was located, or if it existed at all. Over the years, it was uncovered that this venue of lore was possibly found far south in Baja California, in Todos Santos, near Cabo San Lucas. Everything seemed to match the lyrical tale, right down to location, decor and that "can't put your finger on it" feeling that would be perceived as somewhat spooky if it wasn't so quietly thrilling. Party pooper Don Henley, lead singer of the band, came out in usual bitter old time rocker style and dennounced any connection to the song with this Baja hotel, although hearsay, rumor, and loose "facts" place the group (or members of), in and or around the Hotel California within a timeline that could suggest otherwise. In a way, his denial created even more speculation on the subject. Perhaps he was afraid to give details due to some pact with other worldly forces? We like to think so.


The minute you pull up to the establishment you feel something "special" in the air. The decor, inspired by the visions of owner/operator Debbie Stewart and late husband John, is a wonderfully eclectic mix of art and design borrowed from all over the world, with an appropriate touch of Baja California applied to it all. Both the legend and the artistic elegance found in every nook and cranny of the Hotel California make it the perfect place to put experience to memory and into film. YAHglobal also reccommends staying at least one nite (follow the link above for more info) at the Hotel Califonia to get the full experience, and perhaps to hear the whispers in the walls telling tales of generations past. Don't worry, you will be allowed to check out the next day (inside reference to the song for those not "in the know"), you just won't want to.


Terrace At Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant


The title should read "Terrace At Sunset AT The Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant". No need to be confused as our editor was when receiving the content email for Cabo's photo section from the YAH Travel Team. The restaurant has the word "Sunset" as a part of its name. At the same time, we are recommending that the photo be taken while the sun is setting on the horizon, a view that has been perfected from the terrace of Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant.


While this is not one of those freebie photo opportunities, given the location, YAHglobal.Com is vouching both for the panoramic and beyond photo worthy view that caputures everything you could want to see along the Cabo coastline, inlcuding our number one entry "The Arch" off in the distance, but also for the fantastic seafood & italian restaurant itself. Come to Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant for an early evening dinner and bring your camera. The friendly staff will be more than happy to pose as photographers while you lean against the classic italian inspired terrace, arm in arm with friends, family or solo as the orange and red hues do their thing in the background.