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Best Places For Women To Drag Their Men For Punishment

Sorry to say, but this list is not about S&M. We're pretty much rated PG here at YAHglobal.Com, most of the time. Instead, this itemized list represents the places that women can drag their boyfriends, boys who are friends, or husbands when they have misbehaved. Now we don't intend to be sexist towards the guys in this here list. We do acknowledge the fact that there are those XY chromosones out there that can shop til they drop with the best of them. Plus, there is a growing trend that finds the Mani-Pedi no longer belonging to the fairer sex. However, for the most part the average male, the "man's man" or even the horribly monickered "Joe 6-Pack" (created by hopefully soon forgotten Vice Presidential Ex-Candidate) cringes at the thought of spending more than 3 hours at any retail venue that does not involve items that require multiple 3 pronged powerbar plug ins. Nor do they put their feet up for anything other than placing them on a sofa or makeshift ledge as chair of some sort.

This list is for the women that have to suffer through that lack of "support" day in and day out. So if he's been a bad boy, or its your birthday, or just a Tuesday and you've got torture on the mind, drag him along to these fine establishments. You never know, he might like it...especially the Mani-Pedi.


Puerto Paraiso Mall

Cabo Bello Esquina Gómez Farias, Colonia El Médano, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. México 23410


Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. Puerto Paraiso Mall finds itslef at the top of the list due to the simple fact that its the most popular mall in the area, with the standard 9 to 1 ratio of women's to men's stores, thus drawing in a high concentration of Cabo's female travelers (male counterparts in hand) to the area. The saving grace for the boys? The Harley Davidson Bar & Grill located on site. If you (guys) let her get her fill, meaning shopping bags filled to the brim, you too get to fill yourselves up at this biker based eatery. 


Luxury Avenue


The name says it all. Alot of guys will steer clear of a place called Luxury Avenue as visions of a ticking clock spin in and out of their heads with massive leaps in time appearing in each new section within the sequence, like you see in those movie montages where our protagonist is lost in a time warp only to wake at some point in the distant future. That's exactly what it feels like for the fellas when accompanying their better halves to the brand name (Hermes, Cartier, LV, etc...) built Luxury Avenue in Cabo San Lucas, knowing that they a mere minutes away from world class golf courses, epic surf, and the some of the best deep sea fishing expeditions found on the planet. Hang in there guys, usually shopping is but a one day affair when in a tropical paradise such as Cabo, so put on your bravest faces and pretend to be enthused, and you'll be out of the penalty box in no time.


Diamonds International

The Shoppes At Palmilla, Km. 7.5 Carretera Transpeninsular local # B-201 San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur 23400 

The name says it all. Wait, didn't we already say that? Instead of inciting visions of warping time, the name "Diamonds International" in Cabo San Lucs brings visions of credit card bills stacking up like Pringles, regardless your financial status. Diamonds International is a big draw because of its Duty Free status. But its kind of like those 33% Less Fat Oreo Cookies (Second food analogy in one paragraph? Must be time for lunch.). Because its less fat, you tend to eat more proportionately than you would have with the regular variety, thus taking in even more calories than you would have in the first place. Well, same goes for Diamonds International. The scene is set; women pulling the men along by arm as if they were an accessory with promises that they will save way more money in buying up all of their diamond "needs" for one year here in Cabo versus the trickle effect over time back home. Instead, the receipt reads like a birthday, anniversary, and christmas list for the next 5 years.



Boulevard Marina Corner with andador Maderones, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico


We're risking serious triple redundancy here, but UltraFemme is the ultimate "name says it all" title on this here list. UltraFemme is the biggest, thus time consuming, women's cosmetic, skin care, and fragrance retailer in Los Cabos.


Photo (from UltraFemme) Caption: "Women hold the world, and the puny other 50% of its population, in their hands".