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1. Aquazul Holistic Spa

Address : Carretera Transpeninsular Km 3.5, los cabos baja california sur , Mexico

Phone : (624) 144-4727

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The newest boutique SPA in Los Cabos with a perfect location along the Corridor. The charming, fully-equipped suites are comfortable, spacious and exquisitely decorated with contemporary Mexican-style furnishing.

The Aquazul Holistic Spa features the very best of natural therapies including Temazcal, a treatment from our pre-Hispanic heritage. Modern-day Mexicans have recovered this ritual ceremony (similar to a natural outdoor sauna) that was utilize among indigenous cultures as a therapeutic cleansing.

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2. Psycho Tattoo

Address : Cardenas y Zaragoza, Centro, 23450. Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

Phone : (624) 143-4173

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Psycho Tattoo Custom Tattooing is a personalized Tattoo and Body Piercing shop that has been open for over 5 years. We are located in Plaza Aramburo in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

They have a waiting area with an art gallery with paintings by our Tattooers and other Artists. You will also find portfolios with their work, books and flash. They have internet service that you can access to from one of our computers to help you out choosing a design.

Their Artists are some of the best and more versatile Tattooers in this region of the country and are highly skilled with more than 10 years experience. Any tattoo you are looking to get can be done at Psycho Tattoo.

If you don´t want to commit on a real tattoo they also have “henna”, it is a natural pigment that dyes the skin, you apply it like you would paint so it is  painless and lasts up to two weeks.

At Psycho Tattoo your experience getting a piercing will be as painless as possible as a result of the specially designed instruments that they have and to the experience the Piercers have. they have a great variety of high quality body jewelry that will make your piercing look awesome!

You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo or piercing, if you are a minor then you must come with parent or legal guardian.



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3. Las Ventanas al Paraiso Spa

Address : Carretera TranspeninsularKm 19.5, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur 23400, Mexico

Phone : (624) 144-2800

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Windows To Paradise!

As its name implies, Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, is a window to Paradise. A Ty Warner Property and one of the most acclaimed resorts ever, Las Ventanas has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out with special touches that are the hallmark of refined hospitality. The desert beach resort in Los Cabos captivates its guests with expansive suites, a world-class spa, inspired cuisine and an intoxicating ambiance.

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4. Baja Medical Response BMR

Address : Lopez Mateos entre Leona Vicario y Morelos, los cabos baja california sur mexico

Phone : (624) 144-3434

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5. Capella Pedregal Spa

Address : Camino del Mar 1, Fraccionamiento el Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Phone : (624) 172-0374

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