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Celebrity Spotting Cafes In Los Angeles


Want to get a job at TMZ, US Weekly, or be the first to give Perez Hilton the "heads up" on some celebrity intel? Well this list is here to help you in that hapless endeavor as we point you in the direction of some of L.A.'s hot spot cafes where you may catch a famous Hollywood couple lip locked over an espresso or find out what some supposed picture perfect starlet looks like without make-up. Gossip aside, we all love to capture celebrities on film and these trendy little cafes increase that likelihood. Any online image search will evidence that people flock to take snap shots of celebrities in shades with a cup of coffee in hand as if to say, "Hey, look at that, they're just like us!"

Happy hunting!


YAH Facts: Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian tie for the celebrities most seen (photographed) in the below listed coffee shops.


Newsroom Cafe
120 North Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles


You can't even mention Newsroom Cafe to anyone that goes there with any regularity without hearing an itemized list of which celebrities they've seen passing through the gates of this uber cool cafe. Robertson Blvd is already full to the brim of Hollywood heavyweights and hopefuls, shopping and browsing the corridor pretending not to notice, and love, the attention they get as they pass from shop to shop. Newsroom Cafe is where they go to start the day or recharge. In an appropriate manner, the diner/cafe is fronted by a big bold sign with an actual newsstand tucked into the front displaying a plethora of magazines with covers featuring the very people that patronize the establishment. One of the most publishable photos you can imagine would be of "someone" reading their own press.


Aside from the attention Newsroom gets for its clientele, it became popular for another reason which brought the crowd there in the first place. This is not one of those "chicken or egg" scenarios unless of course you are trying to determine which menu item you want to order from this reputable coffee shop eatery. For a surprisingly reasonable price, they are known to sling a great breakfast (Santa Cruz Scramble $9), a hardy and even heart conscious lunch (V.I.P Turkey sandwich $9), and dinner entrees to die for (Fresh Crab Quesadilla $10). There are plenty of vegetarian (Vegan BBQ Drum-Stix $11) options and health food plates (being L.A.) and they crank it up a notch with margarita's that taste more like spiked fruit smoothies. Coffee shop, newsstand, diner and celebrity spotting (and WiFi!) hot spot, what more could you ask for in a cafe?


Urth Caffé


West Hollywood - Located at 8565 Melrose Avenue (between Robertson and La Cienega - mapped above)


Beverly Hills - Located at 267 S. Beverly Drive (between Wilshire and Olympic)


The name tells you what you need to know. "Urth" is just a hip way of saying "earth" which means you can expect a menu of the organic variety. The coffees, teas, and cafe style meals are all organic and many vegan options are available too. On top of bringing out the health and social conscious public, this thankfully trendy concept cafe attracts celebrities of the same kind, and there are lots of them. The above listed two of the four Urth Caffe locations in LA are located in Tinseltown hotspots such as Beverly Hills and West Hollywood on famed Melrose, near the "New Melrose" Robertson Blvd. Urth was featured on the HBO hit Entourage and is frequented by real life famous personalities such as cafe hopping Jessica Alba, Miley Cirus, Natalie Portman and bloodsucking "True Blood" heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard.


Photo Credit: Gossipgirls at FanPop.Com


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


7502 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles (between N. Vista and N. Gardner St. - mapped above)


8793 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, Loas Angeles (Near the intersection of Beverly Blvd & N. Robertson Blvd)


445 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or CBTL, is probably the most favored coffee shop chain to the celebrities in the Los Angeles area, or at least comparable to "you know who". Because there are multiple locations, you may not get the daily "regulars" showing up as with Newsroom Cafe or Urth Caffe. Some of the more elusive stars prefer to mix it up from time to time to keep the paparazzi, and you, guessing. Either way, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a great place to place your sightseeing bets while enjoying a solid cup of gourmet java. They've been in the bean business for almost 50 years, establishing itself as one of the largest privately owned and family run coffee companies in the world, which speaks volumes about the quality of this establishment and why it has become popular with the Hollywood elite and us common folk as well.


Starbuck's Beverly & Robertson

164 N.Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood (on the corner of Beverly Blvd)


"You know who" must always be included in any list of cafes, no matter the topic. Why should celebrities be denied their favorite iced espresso because they get recognized here more than perhaps anywhere? "Location, location, location" has been the Starbuck's unofficial mantra and thus picking which one best improves your chances at celebrity spotting comes down to the obvious neighborhoods of choice. The "Beverly & Robertson" intersection says it all. Spend enough time here and you'll get the pay off your looking for.


Photo: Who's manicured, shopping bag and coffee cup clad hands could these be?