Robertson Boulevard
Address : Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles CA
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 Shops Along Robertson Boulevard

  • Ivy - 113 North Robertson Boulevard
  • Kitson - 115 N. Robertson Boulevard, Suite C
  • Kitson for Men - 146 N. Robertson Boulevard
  • Madison - 113 South Robertson Boulevard
  • Newsroom Cafe - 120 North Robertson Boulevard
  • Intermix - 110 Robertson Boulevard
  • Paige - 116 N. Robertson Boulevard
  • Tory Burch - 142 S Robertson Boulevard
  • Nanette Lepore Boutique - 114 S Robertson Boulevard
  • Chanel Concept Store - 125 N Robertson Boulevard
  • Alice & Olivia - 134 S Robertson Boulevard
  • Tagine Restaurant - 132 N. Robertson Boulevard (Owned by Ryan Gosling)
  • Ghost - 125 N. Robertson Boulevard
  • Lisa Kline - 136 S. Robertson Boulevard
  • Lisa Kline for Men - 123 S. Robertson Boulevard
  • MAC - 133 N. Robertson Boulevard


YAH Says...

For anyone that has never been to LA, a visit to to the famed Robertson Boulevard is a must. On Robertson you're sure to get a taste of the madness that is the paparazzi trying to photogragh a celeb so they can sell it to the highest bidder. So wether you're there to get a glimpse of a celebrity at the famous eatery the Ivy or to pretend that you yourself are somebody important, Robertson Boulevard is the place to be.

The Ivy restaurant where some celebs purposely go knowing that they will be photographed, is one of the most popular restaurants in LaLa Land. You are sure to see a celeb here, just be sure to make a reservation. If you haven't made a reserveration, have a light lunch before you venture there, as you will probably have to wait hours to be seated as they tend to the "real" celebrities.

Now that half your day and at least $100 as been spent at the Ivy restaurant, you can do some shopping at another celebrity hotspot, Kitson. Celebs like Nicole Richie, Halle Barry, and of course Paris Hilton are photographed here browsing thorugh $80 tees and tanks. So if you left the Ivy without seeing one celeb (must have been an off day) then Kitson is your next best bet on Roberston Boulevard. Offering the newset and hottest trends for women, and kids (men's store a little further down). So you can shop for yourself and pick up a onesie for your BFF's lil one while keeping your Iphone close by in case a celeb pops in.

Satisfied that you've been to the famed Kitson and snagged a couple of those coveted tees, not to mention you actually saw a celeb in the flesh, wether A -List or not you can now move on to the Madison boutique. Madison boutique offers the finest in designer goods under one roof. From Hunter to Gucci to Helmt Lang, you will find it all here. Madison is also frequenlty visited by celebs, so you'll have another chance to ogle.  

After all that shopping and excitement, you're ready to just plop down and relax. Even though the Newsroom Cafe is located on Robertson Boulevard its a little more tame. You can actually sit and relax and feel like you're in the real world again. So grab a watermelon margarita, look at the photos and loot from the day and enjoy!

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