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Best Paying Casinos In Las Vegas


Sorry, but we're not referring to the wages earned by employees working in the Hotel Casinos found on this itinerary, so please don't flood their HR departments with coverletters and resumes with hopes of dropping everything in your life and moving to Las Vegas for a high paying gig in action central. Instead, "Best Paying Casinos In Las Vegas" refers to the hotels and casinos with the best overall slot machine payouts, on average and in comparison to the rest. In other words, you can instead drop everything in your life and move to Las Vegas in an attempt to support yourself by playing the slots at the below mentioned casinos. You'd be an idiot to do so, but they are your best bet should you be inclined.

These are loose recommendations based on compiled local (Las Vegas, NV residents) surveys and public data, albeit limited with respect to exact numbers. You can imagine that casino based corporations wouldn't be too forthright in reporting their wins or losses for all eyes to see, except of course to the IRS (wink).


Palms Casino & Resort

4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas


"One, Two, Three!", just like the reel and stop on a slot machine. That's how many years in a row the Palms Casino has landed this top spot from reputable periodicals in Las Vegas such as the Advisor and Review Journal and now YAHglobal.Com. This title is also rewarded on feedback from the local gaming population of Las Vegas, which as everyone knows, if the locals say so, it must be true. The Palms slot machines continue to be the "loosest" (official term) in the city, so insert whatever pun you wish to validate visiting this casino for a quick buck. Play, get paid, and be on your way before they take it back.


Fitzgerald's Casino & Hotel

301 Fremont Street, Las Vegas


Fitgerald's Casino consistently has the "loosest" slots (again, this is an official term, but imagine the damage this phrase could do with a simple slip of a "u" in place of the "o" in a a certain word. Frat boys would invade these locations on a daily basis, only to be disappointed) in downtown Las Vegas.


Fitzgerald's machines ranked on a regular basis for giving the best payout include reel, progressive, and penny slots.


South Point Hotel & Casino

9777 Las Vegas Blvd, South, Las Vegas


With 2563 machines on site at South Point Hotel & Casino, your options are seemingly endless as your selection of well returning slots increases proportionately. You'll have to do the work and watch the machines from time to time to identify the best bets and make sure you're quick and agile enough to hop over the white haired (some still in rollers) pensioners waiting for certain high paying slots to open up. South Point was a regular at the top of the best ranked paying casinos in Vegas until the Palm swept in over recent years.


Photo: Yes fellas, these ladies play here on a regular basis, but this photo was taken 40 years ago. They've gone through some "changes" since then.


Suncoast Hotel & Casino

9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas


With over 2400 machines on deck, this off the strip casino knows how to draw in crowds by offering one of the most consistently, in terms of years, paying slot set up in Las Vegas. It might not knock out the return numbers that the Palms is giving back to the gaming public, but it will be sure to remain on this list for years to come.