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Best Outdoor Adventures In Las Vegas

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Best Outdoor Adventures In Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn't all about gambling, shopping, dining, and clubbing. But we aren't here to give you a list of popular alternatives to those activities which continue to keep you indoors, such as firing off machine guns, getting married to a stranger, or anything that will require you to use the overused phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.". Take a look at anyone you know who just returned from LV. Do they look rested, healthy, re-energized? Not likely. How is it possible that someone can come back from a region that gets about as much precipitation as a shopping mall, with nothing resembling a tan?

Instead of spending the bulk of your time in Las Vegas inside one of the many gaming and entertainment hubs created to keep you close quartered and spending quarters, take at least one day and devote it to exploring the amazing natural attractions, activities and sites found within a quick drive or helicopter ride from Las Vegas Boulevard.

Side Note: Yes, we left Hoover Dam off the list. Boring.


Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour - Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

275 East Tropicana Ave, located one block from Las Vegas Blvd. Shuttle transfers are available to and from most area hotels.

Call Toll Free within U.S. 1.888.635.7272, Local 1.702.736.7243 or email for reservations to res@papillon.com

Standard Cost - Starts at $230/adult (discounted)

Its the Grand Canyon, an attraction that tops "Best Of" lists for the whole U.S. on many occassions, so its no suprise that it takes the cake as the number one Outdoor Adventure in (near) Las Vegas. Aside from launching yourself off of the edge of this wonder of the world via handglider, base jump parachute, or Thelma & Louise style, a helicopter tour is the best way to take in this awesome "crevice" site near Las Vegas. Before you say "$230 (starting) is out of my budget!", ask yourself how much you spent at the casino on your last visit to town?


Grand Canyon Walking Tour - Grand Adventures.Com

Reservations Call Toll Free - 1.800.618.0774, Local 1.702.989.5081 or via email at cs@grandadventures.com

Hotel Pick Up/Drop Off (included in price)

Standard Cost - Starts at $140/adult (no excess fees!). Approx 3hrs

Get up close and personal with the big G.C. on this walkabout tour. Sure you can't beat the visual experience of a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, but hearing the gravel shift beneath your boots as you breath in the crisp early morning air circulating within this great expanse and you'll feel as much a part of this natural phenomenon as the very wildlife it is home to, except they don't have a digital camera to mark every moment. 

Spring and summer month tours are the most "comfortable" but the winters provide for the best sunsets and unexpected snowfall creates an even more magical Grand Canyon scene, thus we recommend repeating this tour should you venture into the Las Vegas area at different times of the year.


Valley Of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park, Clark County, Nevada

Although it can feel like you are on fire, depending on the time of day, while touring Nevada's oldest and largest state park, the name "Valley of Fire" is derived from the prominent red sandstone rock formations that enhance the beauty of this Mojave Desert terrain. When the sun meets these protrusions at varying times of the day, it will appear as if you are witnessing an inferno of sorts. Forget the Las Vegas strip, you'll snap way more album worthy photos here in the Valley of Fire.

Of particular interest is "Elephant Rock" located just off of interstate 15 (exit 75) which actually lives up to its name in that it does look (size and shape) eerily like its namesake or some sort of prehistoric desert mammoth. Elephant Rock is not one of those like attractions where you're told to squint your eyes, hop on one foot, and use your imagination to see the image. It's the real deal. There are also 3000 year old indian petroglyphs decorating the rock walls, caves, crevices and petrified structures of the Valley of Fire. Some of the artistically meanigful creations are so well preserved you have to scan the area for disposed sharpee pens to make sure you make sure you aren't having the wool pulled over your eyes. You're not. The Valley of Fire is one of the most authentic desert experiences you can have in the world and a must visit on your Las Vegas adventure itinerary.


Lake Mead

Mohave County, Arizon/Clark County, Nevada

Lake Mead spans 110 miles upstream towards the Grand Canyon with approximately 550 miles of shoreline. What this means to you, is that you have a seemingly endless cliff encased liquid playground at your displosal. Lake Mead is perfect and popular for a wide variety of high action watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing with more leisurely alternatives in the form of fishing and kayaking. Timeless rock formations are abound on the edges of Lake Mead which make for an amazing scenic experience from the lake perspective with caves to explore via water vessel or on land by hiking the desert terrain. Follow the link above to learn more about enjoying this favored outdoor adventure near Las Vegas, Nevada.


ATV Off Road Desert Adventure - Mojave Desert

Look! Tours. Las vegas, Nevada

Reservations Call Toll Free - 1.800.LOOKTOURS or 1.800.566.5868

Las Vegas hotel pick up (30 min to starting point)

Standard Cost - Starts at $138.9 (U.S.), plus an additional $10 fuel surcharge, for approximate 6 hours tour.

This beginner friendly (as challenging as you want it to be) ATV tour takes you on a 4 wheeled trek through the Mojave Desert from Hidden Valley in Jean, Nevada and along the McCollough Mountain Range to Primm, Nevada. There is hardly a better way to see the Nevada desert "wastelands" than on an ATV tour and under the protective eye of an experienced guide. Trust us, you don't want to brave the elements of the Mojave unprepared and on your own. We're still looking for Bob the intern. He was supposed to meet the rest of the YAH team back at Buffalo Bill's Casino but he missed the 30 minute grace period. We had tickets to Celine Dion back at Caeser's that evening, what choice did we have?