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Cheap, Convenient & Off The Strip Motels/Hotels In Las Vegas


Information overload. That's what comes to mind when preparing for the daunting task of selecting a hotel in Las Vegas, on your own. That's right. No travel agent assistance, no add-on-to flight package deal, no friend or family member taking care of the booking for you, no 9th caller radio show winning of a pre-bundled trip to Vegas. Nothing.

Also, keep in mind that just because you will be in Las Vegas doesn't mean you are required to stay on The Strip, even though potential travel companions may balk at the idea. Nor do you have to spend more cash than necessary for a room you will only be inside of for about 2-3 hrs a day/night. It is Vegas afterall, sleep is not only a non-prerequisite, it's frowned upon.

For whatever reason, you find yourself heading to Vegas, via road trip or if you scored a flight-only deal, or wake up buried up to your neck in the Nevada desert and need a place to collect your thoughts (after wiggling free) before changing your life, this YAHglobal.Com "Cheap, Convenient & Off The Strip Motels In Las Vegas" will take the work out of making your selection.


"Terrible's" on Paradise Road

4100 Paradise Road, Las Vegas


Reverse psychology rules. With a name like "Terrible's", you couldn't possibly set yourself for disappointment, unless you wanted to have a bad experience in some sadistic way, in which the actual pleasant experience you have at this establishment will come as a "surprise". Located in the heart of Restaurant Row, with gaming, entertainment, dining and fitness activities within its walls, averaging around $40 per night depending on the season, Terrible's not only has the best name in the business, it takes top spot on this list.


To learn more about this location, visit our Terrible's (we love saying that) listing under "Accommodations".


Motel 6 on Dean Martin Drive

5085 South Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas


Motel 6, that's right, we said it. You gotta problem with spending only $30/night a mere minutes walk from the Las Vegas Strip? We didn't think so. Besides, you'll be staying on a road named after Dean Martin, which makes for an interesting photo. Just don't get any thoughts of stealing that street sign as many have tried before. How do you think so many people end up burried up to their necks in the Nevada desert? Las Vegas PD doesn't play around.


To learn more about this location, visit our Motel 6 listing under "Accommodations".


Tuscany Hotel & Casino

255 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas


While not quite a villa in Tuscany, the Tuscany Hotel & Casino puts it's best italian foot forward to make you feel like you are in fact nestled somewhere in this charming town within the "boot", at a very reasonable price averaging $30/night (which includes that pesky LV Resort Fee). This hotel is the best decorated on the list and makes for a nice retreat from the western themes found at many cheap accommodations in Las Vegas. 


To learn more about this location, visit our Tuscany Hotel & Casico listing under "Accommodations".


Super 8 Las Vegas on Koval Lane

4250 Koval Lane, Las Vegas


Throw a number in the name of a hotel/motel (6, 8, etc...) and you know you've got a cheap, convenient, and clean place to lay your head at night or day, depending on when the grip of the Las Vegas strip lets you go for a brief moment. The Super 8 Las Vegas is the world's largest Super 8 (sorry, not a Guinness category) and is located only 1 block from Las Vegas Boulevard. Add in prices starting at $40/night and Super 8 on Koval Lane is one of your safest bets on the list.


To learn more about this location, visit our Super 8 Las vegas listing under "Accommodations".


America's Best Value Inn on Tropicana Avenue

167 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas


America's Best Value Inn is a non gaming establishment, which is a refreshing break for some that don't come to Vegas to pull the arms off of poor defenseless slot machines. It is also located extremely close to The Strip, while still remaining "Off The Strip" and under the $40 mark, thus finding its place on this list. Found directly across from the MGM Grand Hotel, you never have to worry about feeling too lethargic (usually 2 full nights into your time in Vegas) to make it over to Las Vegas Boulevard.


To learn more about this location, visit our America's Best Value Inn listing under "Accommodations".